Monday, September 23, 2013

Not sure what this will be about

In case you were wondering, I'm still not keeping up.  (and the other half of the floor has not been washed this point the whole thing will need to be washed again anyway!) 

Madi had another freakish allergic reaction a week and a half ago.  Concern over it is consuming me.  She actually went to the allergist today and was tested for food allergies...she has none. 

Jonathan is producing a show at the theatre!  He wanted the theatre to get a moving light (they cost about $1500), the only way  the board of directors would approve the purchase was if he organized a fundraiser show, so he is.  It is this Saturday at 2:00.  Unfortunately tickets are selling vvveeerrrryyy sllloooowwlly, if you are local, please buy tickets!

Jake was asked to be part of safety patrol at school.  Have I said that already?  I know I didn't in this post, I don't know about other ones. 

I'm on this post every week or so routine.  It's not doing much for me or anyone else.  I had thoughts of getting really active in the many link ups that go on each week (five favorites, seven quick takes etc), but have done almost nothing with that.

I've got the new Nicholas Sparks book.  This is the longest he's gone without a new book since I started reading his books (which was essentially when he started writing them).  I'm not very far into it.  I'm sensing a trend here, are you?  I'm not really accomplishing much at the moment. 

I am helping to organize ushers for the theatre.  It is taking a good amount of my time, but I wouldn't say I'm doing a bang up job on that front either.  I am also teaching fifth grade religious education at church.  When I taught a few years ago (also fifth grade) it gave me a lot of blog fodder, so we'll see what this year brings.  Jake is in my class.  Last week I noticed that only Jake and three other kids in the class (of 11) actually go to Mass, so it will be interesting.

I do have homemade bread rising, I guess that's something I'm accomplishing.

Eventually I'm going to hit publish on this post, that will be another.

You know those blogs (or facebook posts) that make everyone feel bad because those people have perfect kids and perfect houses and perfect perfect perfect?  Well around here I think it's opposite day.  I'll tell you all about how much I am not getting done, and you can feel good about yourself for getting something done.

If I really wanted to make you feel good I'd share the hideously fat picture of me that someone shared on fb this weekend.  UGH!  Did it stop me from eating two bowls of Ben and Jerry's coffee heath bar crunch?  What do you think?

Sometimes I think those' woe is me' blogs can be even worse than the 'we are perfect' blogs, so maybe I should quit while I'm ahead.  Or behind (big fat behind!) as the case may be!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Can't keep up... I'm going to embrace not keeping up!

Over a month ago, I used a pinterest recipe to make really good tile and grout cleaner and washed HALF of my kitchen floor... (the end!)

Last night I was reliving my Sept 11 (the original) experience in my head and was remarking to myself that I still have such a good memory.  I was remembering the strange friend who told me that I was the only one of her friends who seemed concerned about the events of that day (??!!), and how the same 'friend' told me how she told her kids to look up in the sky because they wouldn't be seeing any planes up there (as it that was the big deal).  Well all the while I was telling myself what a good memory I had and I was looking around the kitchen for my Sudoku that I couldn't find... turns out it was in my hand!  (I still haven't finished it either.)

We frequently have 7 people at our dinner table, tonight will be 8.  Two need to leave before 5, one won't get home before 6, the rest of us need to leave before 7, one (and maybe one of the guests) is a vegetarian, nothing has been taken out of the freezer (not that the one pound of ground turkey that's in there would feed that many people anyway), looks like chicken nuggets (or left over fish for those of us with mature palates), homemade macaroni and cheese, and cantaloupe it is!

I am in the middle of both the second and third books in The Giver series.  The Giver is one of my all time favorite books, these so much.  They are OK, but not nearly as good as the original.  Why am I in the middle of both?  I originally thought the third was the second.  If I were caught up, I'd link to all these books, but I'm not...see title!

I just got a voicemail from an older lady that wants to usher at the theatre.  I am helping to organize ushers, one more thing to not keep up with.  Anyway, on the message the lady just said "bye now" I love that!  I can't bring myself to say it though, I just like to hear it.  Also "byebye", my mother says that, I like it but just cant say it.  I also can't say "hubby" no matter how endearing Mike is.

I was just interrupted by another usher call and then it was time to take Madi to her sign language class, now I'm right back to finish this.  Even though it's only 10 minutes from Jake's pick up time and I was already out, I had to come home to do this because even though a half washed floor doesn't really phase me, a half finished blog post will drive me insane.

I forgot to shave my legs this morning.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

70s on 7

This morning while on my school drop off run, which when Madi goes to the gym early in the morning usually involves two round trips to the neighboring town and back before 9am, I had some thoughts for a blog post.  A few hours later, they don't seem nearly as profound or blogworthy as before, but I'm here so I'll go with it.  Life is crazy, just when I think it might calm down for a second, something else comes up.  I've talked about this before I think.  You know how at the checkout line at the store there is always something pertinent on the cover of People Magazine?  I always wonder, what would have been on the cover if that couple didn't have their baby this week or those people weren't tragically killed or whatever.  Life is like that too.  If XYZ problem weren't on the forefront of my mind, something else would be there.  I supposed that something else would also seem like a bigger deal if XYZ weren't such a huge all encompassing deal.  Well these were the thoughts on my mind between dropping off Mary at her school and coming back home to get Jake to bring him to his school.  Usually Jake is with me during this time, and we get to talk, but I had left him home for the first drop off this morning because he was in the middle of a bathroom situation (not a bad one, just a normal one, but since now, as a public schooler, he doesn't have the freedom to go whenever the mood strikes him, I let him take his time this morning).  This gave me time to ponder.  A couple days ago I was switching the radio channels (yes I am spoiled I have satellite radio in my car), I stopped on the 70s and station, and I've left it there almost exclusively for the last few days.  My default station is usually the 80s.  I am definitely an 80s girl.  These last few days though I am really loving the 70s.  It reminds me of a few things, #1 when we moved to Charlotte in the early 90s, they had a brand new station that played 70s music exclusively, that was my first experience with older music that wasn't "Oldies".  And #2 {if I were really clever I'd make some reference to Jake's bathroom situation here} that whole thing about when they are little they have little problems that I generally don't like because 3 days into parenting my baby had a stroke... well it actually is fairly relevant when I'm talking about myself.  I was born a month into the 70s.  That makes figuring out my age during certain years very easy... 0-9 seventies, 10-19 eighties, 20-29 nineties.  So while I usually love 80s music and had a fairly cushy teen life, there were still some bigish problems that I had to endure in the 80s, moving away from all my friends, a friend's death, boy problems, etc, sometimes those 80s songs remind me of times that were complicated.  70s songs remind me of nothing but being a kid.  It's good to remember being a kid.  It chillaxes you a little bit.  Maybe this is also why I love the Brady Bunch and Three's Company (yay Three's Company...we finally have a TV service that has a channel with Three's Company!!).  Maybe it's also why I've read Are You There God, It's Me Margaret at least once every year since I was 9.  Once in a while, we need to remember being a kid.  All three of my kids are older than I was in the 70s, I need to work extra hard to remember back that far.  If you need me I'll be driving kids around listening to Me and Bobby McGee  or I might be folding laundry watching DVR-ed episodes of  Jack, Janet, and Chrissy!

(I even heard one of my all time favorites, Paradise by the Dashboard Lights, yesterday (Don't judge me!), but I couldn't stay in the car and listen to the whole thing because I had a baby with me who had just soiled his last diaper (there's that #2 again) and I was on a mission to get him one before he soiled his carseat or my car seat!!)