Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I seem to be on a post every six weeks or so kind of routine. I have no idea if that means I'm hanging up my blogging career or if I'm just in a lull right now. It is official (well official in our minds not necessarily official in the paperwork sense) that Jake and Madi will go to school fulltime next year. The plan is that Jake will go for one year and then come back to homeschooling for middle school, and that Madi will go fulltime from now on, but both of these plans are subject to change. Jonathan is in the application process for dual enrollment at Lake Sumter and will almost definitely go there part time starting in the fall, he will possibly take a summer class as well. He and Mike had a tour of Full Sail University a week and a half ago and they both fell in love!! It is right up Jonathan's alley...except for the fortune that it costs. If I continue to blog, you will most likely be hearing more about that in the future. Facebook and Instagram have kind of ruined it for the blog as far as pictures are concerned, combine that with the fact that pretty much anyone who reads my blog also talks to me in real life, leaving weeks at a time where I don't even think about blogging. I remember when I started blogging in 2007, I wasn't sure if the purpose was going to be to record my innermost thoughts or our day to day life, now I feel like we are at a crossroads where I'm trying to decide that again. And while my mind reels at 75mph 24 hours a day, I'm pretty sure most of those thoughts don't qualify as "innermost", in addition to that our busy day to day life leaves little time for reliving it here, hence my conundrum. This summer will find us preparing for a year long house guest from China (who we have lamely only skyped with once so far), who will also go to school fulltime next year (a different one than any of my kids), Madi will be working for our town's rec dept summer camp as a "rec aid", Jonathan will continue working at the theatre both as a maintenance man and box office clerk, in addition to his light design, etc, in the evenings they will both be rehearsing for and then performing in HAIRSPRAY!! (They also both have schoolwork to finish up over the summer.) Jake will spend the summer mostly hanging out (well beside VBS, Kids' College, and The Little Mermaid Theatre Camp... oh wait Madi's doing that too...) Relaxing this summer? Not so much!! Are the kids doing all the things they love the most? Absolutely!!