Friday, May 6, 2016

Rough Draft Rambling

I guess if you are going to write you need to start somewhere.  I was going to start this the way I've started every post in the last year and a half and be like, well maybe I'll write something, but that's getting a little old.  Like all the other times I've written lately (by all I mean about four) (by lately I mean about a year and a half), I just found myself with the computer on my lap and an abundance of thoughts in my head so I figured I'd give it a shot.  Like everything else, you just have to jump in.  If at first facebook killed the blog, texting, especially group texting, has put the nail in the coffin.  When I have something that might be considered interesting to share I have different group texts and share with the people who I think will find that most interesting.  For instance as I'm typing this, I am also in a group text with friends discussing the most popular up and coming baby names.  For the most part they aren't names at all but a collection of letters thrown together intermixed with a couple words that how now become names like Briar, Wilder, and Ridge.  I could send the screen shot of these names that I've shared with my friends, but that would involve sending the picture to my computer via email and all together too much work so sorry, you'll just have to google it yourself.

The day before yesterday was Star Wars Day, I texted a different group of friends a couple of Catholic/ Star Wars memes (that word looks like the name my kids call my mother, but it doesn't sound that way).  Again it would be too much trouble to share them here, so again you've out of luck. So what am I here for?  I'm not sure exactly.  The only readers I ever had were friends anyway I usually see this people in real life and I can tell them my thoughts the ole fashioned way you know, with words.  Or I can text them or facebook them or instagram them (or even snapchat or twitter Both of which I have, but do not communicate with), so why blog? 

That is the question isn't it?  I spent a while a few weeks ago looking through old blog posts for  the days were parenting was more physically hands on.  I guess a good reason to keep blogging might be to show that even as parenting becomes much less physically hands on, there is still plenty to say about it.  Jonathan is quickly approaching 21.  He still sleeps at home each night, but between work and school (and sleeping) he's not around that much.  Madi is all done with school and officially graduates in 23 days.  I'm doing my best to not cry every second.  She will be living at the University of South Florida in Tampa in the fall.  She is raking in the scholarships, has a nice boyfriend, and is living the dream life right now.  Jake and the two boys we carpool to school with are in our backyard playing basketball right now even though it's only 1:30.  Jake only goes to school for two periods of band, one of the other boys only goes for three periods and does the rest on virtual school.  The third boy usually goes all day, but came home at 11:30 today, just because.  Come to think of it all my kids are living the dream life right now.  Jonathan gets to work at the happiest place on earth, Jake does a lot of band, a little theatre, and one lesson of math each day and that's pretty much school.  Having tow "grown and done that" kids I know that this is enough for Jake right now.  We talk all the time so the rest of his education is of the "talk schooling" variety.

I still haven't written much here regarding the passing of my brother, Rob, in September.  Two weeks ago my friend of seventeen years, Pam, joined Rob in heaven.  I'm having a hard time with that one too.  Most of the time I'm "fine" and then will randomly "lose it".  Like the other day when the computers were down and I was unable to get my free salad a chick fil a.  I literally almost cried.  There was more to the story, but we'll leave it at that.  (Maybe I texted you about it.)

Well I don't want to overwhelm you with too much information so I'm going to end for now.  See you later.  Maybe...