Thursday, July 31, 2008


Here are Madi, Jessica, Joey and Joanne working on a hard puzzle. It gave me an idea to make a picture into a puzzle, but I couldn't get this picture to work, so I had to use the one below.

try a puzzle...

Day 5

Like I said the camera was out of commission until a few minutes ago so I don't have much to share. We posed today for some posterity pictures and Grandpa used his camera with a timer so we could all be in it. I will have copies of those eventually. In the meantime I was able to snap Grandpa and the grandchildren with my phone. We are at the point in the vacation of needing to use up all of the food that we bought (too much frozen pizza, chicken nuggets, and hot dogs)--Jonathan had chicken nuggets for breakfast for example. We spend a quiet morning hanging around here and I finished my book ( The Last Summer of You and Me---LOVED IT!!). We then spent a lot of the afternoon at the pool (and I read another whole book (The Handmaid and the Carpenter by Elizabeth Berg). Now here we are ready for another night on the town. This week is going by really fast!

Day four

Sadly, this is the only day 4 picture that I have because our camera batteries died. We actually brought extra batteries that we had tested in Jonathan's battery tester, but they were not strong enough for the camera apparently. Joanne came through with some batteries so now we are up and rumming again. Yesterday (day 4), we all hung out at the pool in the morning (no pictures at the pool yet). We ate at a highly recommended restaurant in Dewey Beach called the Rusty Rudder, Mike and I split a seafood dinner with crabs, clams, etc... Then we all went back to Rehoboth and Funland!

Also on this day Grandpa told Jonathan and Sarah (who are both turning 13 soon) that he would be taking each of them for a day in New York City to do whatever they choose. He will do the same with each grandchild when they turn 13. Mike and I already had plans to fly up to CT in Sept for his 20th high school reunion, so Grandpa has now purchased a ticket for Jonathan on the same flight and they will spend that whole Saturday in the city together...Jonathan is already working on all of the plans!

Day 3 continued

Well here we are in the middle of day 5 and I haven't finished with day three yet. On Tuesday afternoon Jonathan and Mike played 9 holes of golf, there is a 27 hole course right where we are staying. They didn't have the camera, so we have no pictures. That evening we had chicken and grilled vegetables instead of going out, and we surprised Grandpa Sal with a birthday cake and a gift certificate to a special restaurant in NY. His birthday is not until December, but we won't all be together then, and it is a big one.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rehoboth Beach

After hanging out at the beach for a few hours this morning, the five of us and Sarah and Jessica headed up to Rehoboth. It is a really nice, sort of old fashion, boardwalk area.

Day three-- back to the beach

This horseshoe crab bumped right into Jonathan in the water. Jonathan lost his goggles today and cousin Joey lost his glasses (real glasses).

I thought it was a different picture...

I took this picture because it reminded my family of me, I didn't mean to add it, but here it is...

Now they need one that says "I'm updating my blog and I can't get off!"

Monday, July 28, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook for today...July 28.

Outside my window...It is hazy, across the parking lot I can see the pool complex. We are on vacation.

I am thinking...that my tooth issue still isn't resolved and it is almost time for advil.

I am thankful for...Mike's father who took us all on this vacation.

From the kitchen...I made french toast and bacon this morning, Mike's father is taking us out every night.

I am creating...We are creating lots of memories.

I am the hot tub in a few minutes, to dinner at a seafood place tonight.

I am bathing suit shorts and "inspi(RED)" t shirt.

I am reading...The Last Summer of You and Me by Ann Brashares (I've already finished the latest Mary Higgins Clark on this trip and it is only Monday). I brought about 6 books with me. Madi and I are about 1/2 way through Where the Red Fern Grows.

I am hoping...That this week doesn't go by too fast.

I am hearing...The dryer (why are laundry and dishes so much more fun on vacation?) and Baby Cousin Willis "talking".

Around the house...Mike and the boys are playing the wii, Madi is with Jessi, Joey, and Uncle Tony at the pool.

One of my favorite things...Fudge...I plan to get some tonight at one of the beach candy shops!

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week...More resting, reading, games, puzzles, beach, pool, walks, talks...etc...etc...

A picture thought I'm sharing...

The Simple Woman's Daybook for Today...July 28

Day two

We went to the beach bright and early this morning, well not "bright" because it was really foggy. The fog was good because that meant less sun.

Day one continued

We went out for pizza, video games, and gelato last night. Jake got "little green army men" with his video game tickets which he has been wanting to go along with the "Toy Story" kick that he has been into lately. Madi got the wooden necklace she is wearing. Probably the best arcade ticket prizes ever!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day one

Well here we are on our first full day in the beautiful vacation house. The kids are having a blast with their cousins. This house has everything you could ask for (even a wii video game system). Enjoy the pix.

On the way...

Here's Jake singing in the car on our way to Delaware.

Friday, July 25, 2008


We are heading to Bethany Beach, DE today for vacation. It will be a family reunion vaction with Mike's family and has been planned for two years. It is sure to be an adventure. The kids love playing with their cousins, and they haven't had a full week together since Jake was a baby. Mike's father has rented a huge beach house that sleeps 14 people. We will stay in NC tonight and will get there tomorrow afternoon. I'd love to be able to update my blog while I am there, but right now I have no idea if that is an option. Please pray for our safe travel.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Date Night/ a homeschooling Mom's thoughts

Last night was a big formal reception for the end of the convention that Mike has been attending. He and I got to dress up for a free night on the town (truly free except for the gas, unlike the stay in the hotel the other night). The kids had a fun night sleeping at their friends' house. It was a very grown up evening with a cocktail hour, filet minion (I have no idea how to spell that), and even a band. It was a Beatles tribute band and they were awesome! So what does one think about on night like that? Sitting there listening to the music, I was thinking about the curriculum for our upcoming school year. Jonathan and Madi will be studying 1850-Modern times. It is looking like a hard year with a lot of information about world politics etc, but I am so excited about the "social studies" of those years. First what was life like during the Civil War, but then later the turn of the Century forward. I can't wait to use books, movies, and music to help us learn about the different decades. Like Wizard of Oz and It's a Wonderful Life for the 30's and the Beatles etc for the 60's. I have these idealic (is that a word) pictures in my head about family stories from all of my beloved older relatives that have now passed away, and in my head they fit right along beside movies and stories about those same times (like when my parents' were growing up and Leave it to Beaver). My grandparents' first date for example was going to see Pinocchio (my grandfather thought it was pronounced Pin OC io)...we will watch that and imagine what it was like for Mugga and Papa when we get to studying the early 40's. I'm sure in the coming year there will be many posts about those "good old days" as we are learning them. I am also pretty sure most of our understanding of that time period will revolve around our knowledge of our what life was like for real people during those times (in other words more about what WWII was like for Papa (or Molly's Dad in the American Girl books) and less about the actual causes of it. We loosely follow a curriculum, but we learn an aweful lot!


Monday, July 21, 2008

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For Today...July 21

Outside my Window...the big spot of dead grass is getting bigger, I want to turn it into a natural, planted area like they are doing in front of the MD townhall. We aren't sure why all that grass is dying, we're getting lots of rain.

I am thinking...about how the "free" hotel room last night (where Mike was staying for a convention) was not really free because of gas, supper, parking tolls etc...we probably could've stayed at the local Hampton Inn for less than we spent on those things. The kids and I did hang out at the pool for 5 hours though.

I am thankful for...our fed us tonight!

From the kitchen...Yummy Yummy'll see the pictures below. Lots of "freezer cleanout" this week as we get ready for our vacation.

I am creating...this blog so we will never forget these days.

I am going...on vacation on Friday.

I am wearing...brown shorts, red shirt.

I am reading...Where the Red Fern Grows to the kids.

I am hoping...that my chronic tooth ache from the crown I got almost 2 weeks ago will go away. I've taken way too much advil over the last two weeks. The dentist can see me on Thurs.

I am hearing...Jonathan's radio on Z88--still using his computer...but we're getting closer with ours (a new-used one from Grampa Carlie).

Around the house...Jake has taken to playing Disney Sorry against three of his stuffed animals...right now it is set up right inside the front door.

One of my favorite things...reading in the bath tub.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...getting ready for vacation, a possible trip to the social security office that I am not looking forward too (I lost my ss card and the kids' too, also I have to deal with the name thing...whether to still hyphenate or not---remember how we didn't get our stimulus check because of it?!), possibly going to one or two plays put on by OTHER childrens' theatres, and taking the kids' to Theatre--Jonathan started rehersal for Guys and Dolls today this'll be the first show he's been in twice, Madi is taking a break from Theatre, but is helping out in Jake's class.

Here is a picture STORY I am sharing with you...our dinner (in reverse order) from garden to table...notice the snakeskin in the garden!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


In the past day and a half I've read all 450+ pages of a book about a school shooting (Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult). It is fiction, but very unsettling because that kind of thing really does happen. Reason #101 to homeschool... not just the shooting part which is rare, but the bullying which is very common. I love our life just the way it is. We do enough picking on each other, we certainly don't need others doing it!

We went to Mass last night (well 4pm isn't really night is it?) because Mike is playing in a golf tournament this morning as part of a Petroleum Marketers convention. The rest of us will head down to the resort where it is later to swim in the pool and spend the night there. I am slightly unsettled about this as well because it was last summer at this same convention that Mike first had the abdominal pain and we wound up in the ER. The pain that returned in October that led to the procedure that led to the pancreatitis etc...etc... Mike is looking at it as another way of getting past it all, but it is still painful bringing back all of the memories.

This morning as I was trying to quickly hang the clothes on the line so as not to get too much sun, I was thinking about the different crosses we each have to bear. I recently had a third basal cell skin cancer removed from my shoulder, and things like hanging clothes on the line or going to the beach, pool or park are different for me than for people who don't have a high risk for skin cancer. It made me think about how Mike can play 18 holes of golf today out in the sun without really worrying about his skin. He can't eat handfulls of hidden M & Ms like I can though because of his blood sugar issues. We all just have to play the hand that we are dealt. When Jake was a toddler we couldn't walk holding his hands and do that swing the kids up by the arm thing because his elbow would get out of socket. When Jonathan was little we couldn't do the "this is supper, eat or go hungry" thing (we probably wouldn't've anyway) because he HAD to eat because of HIS blood sugar issues. We also didn't have the "luxury" of letting him (or making him) sleep all night because we had to give him a drink in the middle of the night to make sure his blood sugar didn't crash. We could swing Jonathan by the arms though, and we could've let Jake go hungry if we wanted to. I'm not looking for any sympathy or pity here, just pointing out that we all have our own things that we have to deal with. So often I think people look at others as having having a charmed or easy life, but everyone has something going on, everyone has a cross to bear. Some people hide theirs and others show them to everyone who will look, but really we are all just trying to play then hand that we were dealt.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

When they aren't performing on stage, they are performing at home...

Pictures of the week

We had great visits with Grandma Marge and Anjali, and here are some pictures to hopefully satisfy the appetites of my eager readers until I have time to post more...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Books and Reading

I found this on another blog and I had to play! When you use these things where you answer someone else's questions on blogs it is called a "meme" I don't know why...but Meme is what my kids call my mother, so I will never be calling these things memes...I will however frequently play along. Here's one about something I've been doing a lot of lately...

1. Do you remember how you developed a love for reading?
My 4th grade teacher, Miss Chinigo, read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing to our class and then I read most of the other Judy Blume books after that, she is still one of my favorites!

2. What are some books you read as a child? Are you There God it's Me Margaret is probably still my favorite book of all time (and it is almost time to have Madi read it), all Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary books.

3. What is your favorite genre? I think realistic fiction with some love in it like Nicholas Sparks, but not "romance novels".

4. Do you have a favorite novel? how about a favorite series? Pretty much each Nicholas Sparks book becomes my new favorite.

5. Where do you usually read? All over, on the bed, couch, recliner, outside in the shade, sometimes the car...where ever I can.

6. When do you usually read? Whenever I can.

7. Do you usually have more than one book you are reading at a time? Usually one for myself and one or more that I am reading aloud to the kids.

8. Do you read non-fiction in a different way or place than you read fiction? Usually with nonfiction (like parenting or homeschooling books or magazines) I skip around and don't read the whole thing.

9. Do you buy most of the books you read, or borrow them, or check them out of the library? I get most of them from the library for myself, but spend a lot of time at yard sales and places that sell used books to buy books for the kids (I've recently picked up the same books numerous times (two Betsy-Tacy, two Mouse and the Motorcycle, two Prince Caspian)...I'm always looking for good books, but obviously forget which ones I've already gotten). Of course we still get tons of kids' books at the library also.

10. Do you keep most of the books you buy? Yes, if I've bought it, I want to keep it, unless we already have it (see #9) then I give it away.

11. If you have children, what are some of the favorite books you have shared with them? Were they some of the same ones you read as a child? Yes, Jonathan and Madi have each read some Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary (Madi is working her way through the Ramona books right addition to other books). Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing was the first chapter book I read to them when they were little, and It was also the first one I read to Jake, just recently when he knocked his teeth out. Also Jake loves Stone Soup and I remember reading it and putting on a play of it in third grade. Also Mike Mulligan and other Virginia Lee Burton books are favorites of my kids and I remember them from childhood. Of couse Laura Ingalls Wilder.

12. What are you reading now? I just started Sundays at Tiffany's by James Patterson last night, I might just finish it today. We also finished reading aloud the last two Kit books yesterday, just before we went to the movie (FYI the movie was very different from the books--both good though). The kids and I will start Where the Red Fern Grows aloud today.

13. Do you keep a TBR (To Be Read) list? Like most of my lists it is in my head.

14. What's next? Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult.

15. What books would you like to reread? I am a rereader, but right now I've got too many first time books on my mental list.

16. Who are your favorite authors? Nicholas Sparks, Judy Blume, Jodi Picoult, Mary Higgins Clark, James Patterson (the heartwarming ones like Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas, not the dark scarey ones), Jan Karon, Mitch Albom, Richard Paul Evans, Beverly Cleary, Laura Ingalls Wilder

Monday, July 14, 2008


Because of our current computer issues around here, I'm going to cheat and send you to Tiffany's blog for some Wizard of Oz videos. You can also go here for more pictures.
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FOR TODAY July 14,...
Outside My Window...Hazy sunshine.
I am thinking...about how great the weekend was...the play was so amazing as was our visit with Mike's mother.
I am thankful kids.
From the kitchen...not sure, some kind of chicken I think.
I am wearing...denim shorts and a lavender-ish shirt.
I am creating....a happy home, I hope!
I am take Jonathan to his golf tournament later today, but in general we'll be home more thnt lately because of no Theatre this week.
I am reading...a book about an Amish girl named Sarah (the girl and the title of the book), not sure who the author is.
I am hoping...we will be able to get the house neat and organized again, it got away from us this weekend.
I am hearing...Jonathan's radio on Z 88 (still need to use his computer, we've done nothing yet about replacing ours).
Around the house...The kids have been doing a ton of performing, Jake and Madi wrote and perfomed a full blown puppet show last weekend, on Friday night Jonathan, Madi and Jake performed their own version of a Veggie Tales "silly song countdown" for Grandma Marge, and Jake has been doing his own Wizard of Oz, usually playing all of the parts complete with a scarecrow hat, red ruby slippers, a cape and broom for the witch, and a funnel and turkey baster (AKA oil can) for the tin man. This week we have Madi's friend Anjali, another performer added to the mix.
One of my favorite things...watching my kids on stage.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Finishing reading aloud the Kit books, so we can go see the movie tomorrow night, probably the beach and sleeping at Meme and Grampa Carlie's on Wed, taking Anjali to the airport on Friday, and hoping the kids and I don't forget to feed our friends' fish while they are on vacation.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Opening Night

Well opening night has now come and gone and what a magical night it was! Madi was so beautiful, and she made a perfect Dorothy! I held it together until the curtain closed, then I cried my head off! My heart felt ready to explode!! Here are some pictures.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

This is from our 2nd annual homeschool exhibition from 2 weeks ago. Now that I'm finally getting some videos on here I have some catching up to do. Toto is being played by Grace a friend and fellow homeschooler, both here and on Saturday night.

Some of Jake's favorite things all rolled into one...singing, dancing, performing, and baseball. Madi got to help out with Jake's class so she is in this too. I made her shirt today with the help of my friend "hillsidehollow".


There's been some confusion about The Wizard of Oz, it hasn't happened yet. It is this coming weekend. Tonight was a recital. As if learning a full blown production in 16 days of camp wasn't enough, the kids also had different instructors in the afternoon teaching them different acting techniques, singing, and dance camp. I took some videos tonight and may or may not get them on here soon (still having to use Jonathan's computer). Madi and her friend Hannah were Peter Pan and Wendy in one of tonight's skits, and Jake and the other 4-6 year olds belted out some old favorites like "Take me out to the Ballgame" and "I'm a Little Teapot". As always Jonathan was great on the lights! You can see a slideshow pictures from the recital here.

Monday, July 7, 2008



As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!

This cracked me up, I saw it on someone else's blog and thought I'd try it. The person whose blog I saw it on (someone I don't know) rated "superior" , I didn't expect to even be that good. It is especially funny because the question about "hose" being crooked had me confused and I thought it meant garden hose (I don't own pantyhose--and still I'm doing pretty well). I found this at an appropriate time though because Mike and I just read a great article yesterday about how people who grew up in the 30's during the great depression were thrifty (cutting the mold off of cheese for example instead of throwing the whole thing away), and appreciated people over things, and how the current recession might help our country get back to what is really important with less focus on "stuff". The article, too, came at a fitting time because I was just saying the same sort of thing on the night of the 4th because after watching the fireworks I drove some of the kids'friends home and was impressed at the sense of community I saw in our local neighborhoods with tons of families sitting out in their driveways shooting off fireworks and visiting with each other. I know not too many people are thrilled to be paying $4 a gallon for gas, but I can't help but think of the positive side of things, and if it all brings people closer together, it is worth it. Another thing about this 30's housewife thing is about 15 years ago I don't think I'd have seen the value of being a "very superior" 1930s housewife, but I know better now! Time to go put some food on the table for my family!

FOR TODAY July 7,...
Outside My Window...I just hung the laundry on the line.
I am thinking...about too many things.
I am thankful dermatologist.
From the kitchen...tacos tonight!
I am wearing...denim shorts and a blue shirt.
I am organized home.
I am going...with Jake to a birthday party when I pick him up from Theatre and then later to take Jonathan to his 4 hole golf tournament.
I am reading...a ton a Berenstain Bear books to Jake (one of the many things he is into right now).
I am hoping...we will be able to keep the house neat and organized.
I am hearing...Jonathan's radio on Z 88 (he's not home, but his radio is on).
Around the house...Madi and Jonathan's rooms are very clean and organized.
One of my favorite things...chocolate.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:The Wizard of Oz this weekend, Grandma Marge coming to visit, the usual library activities...etc...
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

This is a picture of some of the homeschoolers asking lots of questions of the "reptileman" after a recent library show.

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