Thursday, July 3, 2008

House guests

We've been taking care of our friends' hamster while they were away. One night I noticed someone had left the cage door open, made a mental note to close it, and then forgot about it. The next morning, the door was still open, and there was no hamster inside. I became a little frantic and yelled for everyone to start looking for the hamster, but then I had to get kids to Theatre, hang posters for Theatre, pick up from Theatre go to a friends house to swim, etc, so we were out most of the day. That evening we all came home for supper (looked a little more) and then went to see the movie Wall-E (it was good, but not as good as a lot of the other pixar ones). So pretty soon it was 10 pm and still no hamster. I had no idea if it could get upstairs, where it could, be and even less of an idea about how I was going to capture it if I found it. Mike noticed some hamster food (and poop) in our lazy susan cabinet in the kitchen so we now knew where she had been. I had all of these visions of her just having a field day frolicking (and pooping) all over our house. As it turned out, we found her a little while later in our downstairs bathroom, and with Mike and I in the tiny bathroom with the door shut, we had no problem getting her back in her cage.

The hamster will probably be going home today (we haven't left the door open again), but we have more house guests coming next week. Mike's mother "Grandma Marge" is coming down next Thursday for the weekend to see The Wizard of Oz. We've lived here 9 years and she's only gotten down here once before. She has never been to this house and never seen the kids in their element (read Theatre). We are all looking forward to it. Also next weekend, we will get Madi's friend Anjali for a week. They have been friends since they were toddlers and Anjali and her Mom live in New Mexico. This will be the third summer in a row that she's spent a week with us. We are looking forward to that too!

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