Monday, July 14, 2008

FOR TODAY July 14,...
Outside My Window...Hazy sunshine.
I am thinking...about how great the weekend was...the play was so amazing as was our visit with Mike's mother.
I am thankful kids.
From the kitchen...not sure, some kind of chicken I think.
I am wearing...denim shorts and a lavender-ish shirt.
I am creating....a happy home, I hope!
I am take Jonathan to his golf tournament later today, but in general we'll be home more thnt lately because of no Theatre this week.
I am reading...a book about an Amish girl named Sarah (the girl and the title of the book), not sure who the author is.
I am hoping...we will be able to get the house neat and organized again, it got away from us this weekend.
I am hearing...Jonathan's radio on Z 88 (still need to use his computer, we've done nothing yet about replacing ours).
Around the house...The kids have been doing a ton of performing, Jake and Madi wrote and perfomed a full blown puppet show last weekend, on Friday night Jonathan, Madi and Jake performed their own version of a Veggie Tales "silly song countdown" for Grandma Marge, and Jake has been doing his own Wizard of Oz, usually playing all of the parts complete with a scarecrow hat, red ruby slippers, a cape and broom for the witch, and a funnel and turkey baster (AKA oil can) for the tin man. This week we have Madi's friend Anjali, another performer added to the mix.
One of my favorite things...watching my kids on stage.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Finishing reading aloud the Kit books, so we can go see the movie tomorrow night, probably the beach and sleeping at Meme and Grampa Carlie's on Wed, taking Anjali to the airport on Friday, and hoping the kids and I don't forget to feed our friends' fish while they are on vacation.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...



ann marie said...

Ugh! Anthony JUST killed two of those bugs for me. They are huge and gross and really bad for the garden and I hate them. The Kit movie was really cute. It does not follow any one particular book but it does have a lot of the same things all mashed together and a few new people, but the girls liked it.

Tiffany said...

Joe told my mom about the grasshoppers "meeting" on your front porch. They left quite an impression on him.