Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 5

Like I said the camera was out of commission until a few minutes ago so I don't have much to share. We posed today for some posterity pictures and Grandpa used his camera with a timer so we could all be in it. I will have copies of those eventually. In the meantime I was able to snap Grandpa and the grandchildren with my phone. We are at the point in the vacation of needing to use up all of the food that we bought (too much frozen pizza, chicken nuggets, and hot dogs)--Jonathan had chicken nuggets for breakfast for example. We spend a quiet morning hanging around here and I finished my book ( The Last Summer of You and Me---LOVED IT!!). We then spent a lot of the afternoon at the pool (and I read another whole book (The Handmaid and the Carpenter by Elizabeth Berg). Now here we are ready for another night on the town. This week is going by really fast!


chewhi said...

especially when you're reading about it! Sounds like you guys are having a great time though!

oneblessedmamma said...

I'm glad the week is going by fast FOR YOU. It's crawling by here...TJ has asked to go you your house no less than twice a day :-). Please tell me you come home soon! Oh, and I finally found the kids' gifts for taking care of Daisy and Thumper while we were gone.