Wednesday, June 10, 2015

It's summer

I'm sitting here in my newly painted front room (we did it ourselves), a storm is brewing, and I've got my laptop in my lap and I had the strangest thought...maybe I'll blog today!  I just got the time hop app (is it app or just ap?) on my phone yesterday.  Today it told me that two years ago today Madi was on her way to work her first day of summer camp at the rec. (that was incidentally also the last time Madi has eaten meat, the app didn't remind me of that, she did) The app told me that two minutes after Madi had stuck her head in to my room to say she was on her way to work (same place different year, different color shirt).  Time hop also told me that one year ago today Jake had his first day of band camp.  This was what I was looking at when Jake came bounding into my room to remind me that we needed to take a ride down to Orlando to pick up the book he needed for  band camp today.  More incidentallies... We had ordered the books we needed online, but one of them was the wrong version.  On Monday someone told Jake that he could have theirs from last year, on Tuesday that girl didn't show up.  By Tuesday afternoon Jake was sure he was going to get kicked out of two bands if he didn't have the right book on Wednesday.  He called two music stores looking for it.  Let me say this again HE CALLED TWO MUSIC STORES LOOKING FOR IT!!  Jake has no problem playing a funny character on stage in front of 200 hundred people or leading the psalms as a cantor in a full church or even singing two solos completely in Latin as was the case this weekend, but calling someone and asking about a music out.  He was pretty nervous about such a vast endeavor, but he did it and survived.  We got to the music store just before they opened and the $15 book only cost us $5 because I had some kind of a coupon on my account.  All that to say, Madi's still working at the rec and still a vegetarian two years later.  Jake is still in band camp one year later.  Time hop wasn't done yet.  It also reminded me that last year and the year before we were celebrating our little buddy, Dawson's birthday.  He is three years old today and we celebrated with him on Sunday.  Lastly, it reminded me that three years ago on this day we had just gotten back from California.  Eustis Rec...check, band camp...check, Dawson's birthday...check, but sadly we are not in California right now.  We will however be heading for an Alaskan cruise around this time next year, so that's something. 

I picked up a live chicken today.  That is surely something I wasn't doing last year or the year before that or ever in my life.  Friends of ours are away and Madi and I are tag teaming checking on their chickens.  When I went there today one of them jumped out of the coop when I opened the hatch to collect the eggs.  It's a long story and would have made a really funny video that may have even involved a stick and a shovel, but I eventually had to bite the bullet and pick up the chicken with my bare hands to get it safely back into its house.  I swear to you no chickens were actually harmed in the making of this blog post. 

There's the little guy on Sunday.

Maybe I'll be back with pictures from one and two years ago, or maybe I'll be back to blog again in five months.  Right now, I've got to go get Jake from band camp.