Monday, July 7, 2008

FOR TODAY July 7,...
Outside My Window...I just hung the laundry on the line.
I am thinking...about too many things.
I am thankful dermatologist.
From the kitchen...tacos tonight!
I am wearing...denim shorts and a blue shirt.
I am organized home.
I am going...with Jake to a birthday party when I pick him up from Theatre and then later to take Jonathan to his 4 hole golf tournament.
I am reading...a ton a Berenstain Bear books to Jake (one of the many things he is into right now).
I am hoping...we will be able to keep the house neat and organized.
I am hearing...Jonathan's radio on Z 88 (he's not home, but his radio is on).
Around the house...Madi and Jonathan's rooms are very clean and organized.
One of my favorite things...chocolate.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week:The Wizard of Oz this weekend, Grandma Marge coming to visit, the usual library activities...etc...
Here is picture thought I am sharing...

This is a picture of some of the homeschoolers asking lots of questions of the "reptileman" after a recent library show.

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ann marie said...

That's a cute picture. The kids look very excited.

Frank said...

so let's see... how does this blog-y thing work? Well I see you have some "me" time which is important. I try to get that ....once in a while, well saturday my Me time was cleaning out the garage to my "man" specifications... it looks pretty darn good, if I don't say so myself!.. i even got the kids bike on the wall!
nuf of that .... catch-up time....
LOTS of stuff has happened since the last time we talked... I got married again in 2003, to a very nice woman for a bit, then separated two summers ago when she got hammered and she desided to hammer on me... needless to say...I don't live there no mo and our spearation was made perminent a lil while later... i know all of you who have picked well the first time can thank god for what you have... me not so lucky... well I will tell you that I did meet a wonderful woman who isn't violent or psycho... and she is pretty darn cute too... so we bought this great big house and have two fulltime kids, My hopie all summer and two step kids (from M#2) thatwe love very much... most of the weekends when we are here all together we run around here giggling and being as silly as humanly possible. Life is good... even better. so there you are all caught up (LOL- not even close but good for now).
the caveman
dizzy bro
or just frank

A happy heart at home said...

The tacos sound yummy - the chocolate, too! I want to declutter and organize this summer. I haven't done much so far, but I'm hoping we'll do a lot before we start school again in September.

You're welcome to come by and see my