Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back on Jonathan's computer

I think our computer--which clearly wasn't doing so great anyway-- might've gotten fried by lightning last night. We had a major storm last night and lightning was striking really close. It actually blew a breaker (or transformer or something). Our phone isn't working either. If you call me, you get the message line right away (and I can check the messages from my cell phone), if you really want to talk to me you have to call my cell phone. The lightning also made our smoke detectors go off and turned on all our sprinklers (and now our new sprinkler timer isn't working either)(I just reread this and figured I should clarify these are the yard spriklers, we obviously don't have ceiling spriklers like public buildings, but I thought it might be a little confusing when discussed in the same sentence as smoke detectors.). We all spent part of the storm in the pantry. It was quite a night!! The weird thing is just a few hours before the storm Jake had asked me if God makes people get struck by lightning, and I had told him God ALLOWS people (even good people) to be struck by lightning sometimes because He has a plan that we don't know etc... But then when it seemed like we might be getting struck I was a little frightened that the earlier conversation might've been a little prophetic. Jake and I prayed in the pantry. I am often reminded of a news story that I heard about twenty years ago where some young children were killed in a train wreck, I remember the parents being on the morning news saying how just a few days before the kids were asking all about heaven.


ann marie said...

Oh, that sounds scary and I am glad you survived! The weird thing about this place is that we got nothing like that storm in our neighborhood. I am not sure where you live but it can't be that far from me. That has been the biggest surprise for us living here. That two miles down the road people are getting lightening and we are sitting in no rain. Bizarre.

crispy said...

Glad you cleared up the sprinkler thing, we do have a sprinkler system IN our house so I naturally thought that. =)