Thursday, June 10, 2010

I. Can't. Keep. Up.

It has been way too long since the last time I posted (I mean besides a few minutes ago!) This means I have way too much to catch up on!!

Madi's extreme hard work and determination in 4 years of T&T in AWANA culminated in her being recognized as "clubber of the year". She got a trophy (for finishing all four books), a bouquet of flowers, and a beautiful quilt with squares made by all of the girls. In addition to finishing all four books, she did every single "silver" and "gold" extra credit. This involved hours upon hours of Bible memorization and other projects. Not bad for my little Catholic girl! Great job Madi! I couldn't be "prouder"!

Jake was also recognized for finishing his second Sparks book. This involved quick memorization of his verses on the 3 minute ride to AWANA each Wednesday. He especially shined on stage when he stuffed his hand into the plastic cup he was given and proceeded to smack himself in the face with it. Jake, you make me proud and humble!

Jonathan was a "leader in training" for his second year, and everyone had great things to say about him. The general sentiment was that he is such a great helper, it was hard for some people to remember he's not truly an adult yet...although if you listen to his voice, you'd totally think he was! The thing that especially makes me proud about Jonathan is that this activity is not his heart's desire, but still he did it all year because he is such a good, giving boy!

We've been loving babysitting Landon, our little Theatre baby, any chance we get...

We had a great day with friends at the beach this week. There is only one pic of Jonathan because I am a picture stealer and I rely on other people to take pictures for me. Jonathan did eventually turn as red as his bathing suit...bad mom that I am!

Last night, we had a great time watching Disney's amazing summer princess and pirates fireworks display and the Electric Light Parade.

I'll be stealing more pictures when I can get my hands on them. We got home at 1:37am needless to say I am really tired today. Jake woke me up this morning wanting waffles. Since waffles at our house no longer involve a yellow box, this meant work from me. And in case this natural eating stuff, annoys you, don't worry we had $1 hot dogs and other freebies at the new Publix Grand Opening for lunch.

I am truly in love with pandora! My favorites right now are Air Supply radio and Train radio! Jake is right back in the thick of veggie tales. He is conducting numerous surveys to find out everyone's favorite veggie tales silly songs. He's casting his veggie tales show. We visted a local nursing home this morning with some friends from Church and sang a few songs for them (and passed out May baskets even though is is June 10th). Jake really enjoyed it. If the curtain ever truly opens on one of his shows, I just may have found a captive audience! (if you have "Jake age kids" be prepared to hear more about this!)


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Cindy said...

Great job, Madi and Jake!

Melissa said...

I have a picture of Jonathan at the beach. I'll get it on my blog one day.

Tiffany said...

Congrats to Madi!
Great pictures, the electric light parade looks awesome!

ann marie said...

Good job, Madi!

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I just love all the