Monday, August 9, 2010

Blogging slump

I'm just not "feeling it" lately. I don't seem to "think in blog" nearly as much as I used to. I've spent a lot of this summer organizing, purging, and preparing for the schoolyear. Combine that with my quick ability to check facebook and email on my ipod, and I just haven't been sitting at the computer that much. This must be a good thing. I do plan to get a ton of summer pics and videos on here...maybe in the next few minutes and maybe in the next few days or weeks, I'm not sure yet. In the meantime, I'll work on a picture-free update.

It is show week at Theatre once again! They are doing Schoolhouse Rock! Madi is George, but doesn't have to play a boy. She sings "3s a Magic Number" and "I'm just a Bill". Jake is in the ensamble, and Jonathan does a little of everything behind the scenes. They are also doing a WACO Roadshow Cabaret where Madi has a few solos and Jake sings solo in part of Food Glorious Food. Kind of fitting since it seems like he eats more that Jonathan, I'm not sure where he puts it. Speaking of Jake, anyone who knows him knows he has a "chops" problem. His "chops" are around his mouth (you know as in "licking his chops"). Well, you also should know he has the longest tongue around. This has generally been a problem for him in the winter when he gets "chapped chops" (winter being anytime there is low humidy and a high temp under 70). Well, it is hot as blazes here and very humid, but for the last few weeks his chops have been really bad. We're trying to hit it hard with some goldenseal salve in the hope that he doesn't have to go on stage looking like Ronald McDonald.

Jonathan finished his Algebra!! At the end he was doing 2 or more lessons a day in addition to Theatre rehersals etc. He finished just after he started two on-line high school classes. So much for summer break for him! He is taking English and Spanish and especially liking Spanish. His Geometry is ordered and on its way, so he will start that ASAP as well. He didn't start Algebra until October last year which is why it had to go into summer (that and some longer than appropriate breaks in betweem).

Our real, at home, fist day of school will be Sept 7th, but in addition to Jonathan's classes that I already mentioned, we will start Ancient History (all three kids) as well as math for the other two, in about a week. We are going out of town for about 2 weeks coming up, a week of business for Mike and then a week at our timeshare. I'm thinking no schoolwork at the timeshare, but definitely some on the business part of the trip.

For the first time ever, Madi is having to sit out of the first session of regular fall Theatre. Between the trip I mentioned, and a lot of Disney, we are not going to be around for a lot of rehersals. This is a little frustrating for her (and Jake isn't so thrilled either even though he's opted out of some shows in the past anyway). Madi may end up in a few songs, but mostly she's sitting out. Sitting out is not one of her strong suits. Remember Footloose when Sarah Jessica Parker was at the bar and wanted to dance, but her date Wilard didn't know how? Remember how she just couldn't keep her feet still? That was Madi last month at the first session summer show that she was not in. At least two of the nights she got to go on for one Charlie Brown song, so that eased her restless legs a little bit. The show she's missing is The Wizard of Oz, it was planned that way, since she was already Dorothy two years ago.

Madi is having some friends from Theatre sleepover tonight. Well, one definitely and one maybe. The thing is we have a revolving door of friends all the time. However, generally they are kids that are like family to us. We know what to expect and they no what to expect. This seems like a little more pressure. Also I'm not sure yet if both at the same time is a good idea. We are so used to our own "commuinity" of friends where everyone is like family, this is like uncharted waters for us. We'll see how it goes.

My nephew Zachary got to be a ball boy for a UCONN basketball charity game on Saturday.
Zachary is the little one with dark hair in the front. This player is Stanley Robinson who was just drafted by the Orlando Magic. This picture was in the paper in CT.


Meme said...

Jul Dad just asked me what I was doing??? I said trying to keep up with Julie...thanks xxx love it all......

Cindy said...

Tucker has the same issue with his "chops" in the winter-not fun! Does the goldenseal work-I'll have to try it! Love the pic of Zachary-how cool for him!!!

Melissa said...

Glad for the update!! I feel I'm in a little blog slump too - but, perhaps need to be. If we're going to hit the books hard this year, I need to stay away from the computer.