Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's been so long since I've done a Daybook post...

For tonight Saturday September 18th

Outside My Window...

It is dark.

I am Listening to...

The hum of the computer and Jonathan getting ready for bed.

I am Wearing...

A green shirt and grey shorts. Speaking of grey, I found my third grey hair today.

I am Thankful...

That Jake went to bed at 7:30. He was at a sleepover last night and apparently stayed up until 4am!

I'm Pondering...

What to write and how to set this all up because it has been so long since I've done a daybook.

I am Reading...
Take One by Karen Kingsbury
Mitch and Amy by Beverly Cleary with Jake
Bernadette Our Lady's Little Servant by Hertha Pauli with Jonathan and Madi

From Netflix...

Family Ties Season 1

I am Thinking...

About Mike who is out of town all weekend and how much I hate that! I am also thinking about going to bed very soon.

On my iPod...

Yahoo and facebook. I am on my iPod all the time, I hardly make it here to the real computer anymore. That is part of the reason for less blogging.

Towards a Real Education...

Another reason for less blogging/real computer time is that Jonathan and Madi each have two on-line classes, so someone else is always on here. Our schooldays are going well so far inspite of the fact that we haven't had a normal week yet (as if there is such a thing). We have almost no extra-curricular activities going right now, so that has given us a lot more home time (the few days we've actually been home). I am hoping in the next few weeks to create a more consistent schedule in the meantime we're moving along flying by the seat of our pants. Jake is doing history right along with Jonathan and Madi (Ancients, Story of the World Volume 1). He also has a pretty full plate of Catholic Heritage's 2nd grade curriculum. He did about 50 lessons of math during the two weeks we were out of town because he was doing single digit multiplication and division. Now he's back to subtracting large numbers and borrowing and he doesn't wake up looking for his math book anymore. He is on a huge "president kick" right now. On our trip he bought a 200 piece president puzzle and does it at least once a day. We visited the Hall of Presidents twice last weekend while we were at Disney. Whenever someone mentions a year he immediately checks to see who was president then. He's also on a Michael J Fox kick watching a lot of Back to the Future in addition to our Netflix Family Ties. Madi is loving her on-line classes (Art and Science). She also is enjoying doing spelling and Language Arts in a more formal manner using CHC. The kids do a lot more on their own which is interesting. Generally speaking I want to be a part of what is going on, but there is something to be said for them taking responsibility for their own work. Jonathan is moving along in his on-line classes, English and Spanish. He is also really enjoying Geometry.

I am Hoping and Praying

That Madi's thyroid improves so she doesn't have to go on medication. So far there hasn't been much change one way or another. We will keep going with the acupuncture and herbs for a few more months then reevaluate.

In the Garden

Ha! As if you could call it that! Our yard is a MESS! All of the new sod that we laid last year is gone. We aren't growing anything right now either. We are, however, part of an organic fruit and vegetable co-op, so we're getting some good healthy food anyway.

Around the House

I had this hair-brained idea to change around the house last week after 2 weeks on the road, three nights and home, and four more nights in the camper. We'd gotten back with tons of laundry and excess mess to deal with and I convinced everyone it was the perfect time to move the huge heavy bookshelves into the family room (and rearrange couches, loveseats, tables, etc). We kicked up a lot of dust, but we are all very happy with the change.

From the Kitchen

We had tacos tonight, my favorite at home meal.

One of My Favorite Things

When friends come to Disney on vacation! Cindy and family will be here Tuesday...I can't wait!

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week

Sunday- early church (Madi is serving), then to my parents' house for the day, beach etc...

Monday-field trip to the Science Center, orodontist appointment for Madi

Tuesday- Cindy gets here and Mike finally gets home

The rest of the week- heading down to Disney as much as possible. In the middle of all of this I plan to accomplish at least 4 full days of schoolwork, some will be done in the car and some more done at Disney, but that kind of thing is a lot harder with the on-line classes, some will just be done late at night and early in the morning, we're flexible around here.

Picture thoughts:
Landon in the laundry

The day Jake got his braces


ann marie said...

I'm so glad you updated! Those pictures are adorable. Jane JUSt asked if we were going to see you at Mass. She didn't even know I was on here. Now I see you did the early Mass so I told her no. Bummer. Hope to see you soon though.

Melissa said...

Glad to catch up with you.