Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Not sure what this post is going to be about

I'm finding myself with a rare morning on the 'real computer' as opposed to the ipod, so I thought I'd see what I could do.

I'm really trying to savour Advent this year and keep the Christmas season from flying by! We have an Advent craft that we hope to do today and maybe I'll even manage to get some pictures of it on here.

Our house is about 3/4 decorated. Since we've changed rooms around we've changed the placement of trees as well. The real tree is in the window in the front room (we got it last night, no lights or decorations yet) the artificial tree is in the family room where the real one used to go, it is pre-lit, but still no ornaments. I really wanted wanted to use some of the old fashioned colored lights outside this year (sort of a retro look). We bought some and Mike and Jonathan decorated a board with green garland and big old lights, it is over half of our garage. We have the stuff for the other half, but that probably won't make an appearance until the weekend. So basically right now our house looks like a game of "what's missing here?"

On the night before Thanksgiving Jonathan was finishing up his English semester final exam when he got booted off and locked out of the test. Tech support was no help and he had to wait until yesterday morning to talk to the teacher. Thankfully she was able to retrieve it, but it was a lesson in handling frustration when things are out of your control.

I changed my background color to "Christmas this up a bit".

When the kids' Theatre moves to their new venue in January they will have two separate classes because the first one filled up very quickly. Finally the word is out about the best Theatre in the area. The disappointing part is that most of the kids' closest friends are moving to the other class. The new class is on Mon and Wed and Madi has Church Choir on Mon (and CCD on Wed). Madi is really thriving in choir this year so there is no giving that up. She was the "cantor" for the 9:30 Mass the week before last and she was fantastic. It was hard for me not to stand up and clap when she was done (it was a prayer after all-- the 122nd psalm).

Mickey is really a fun addition to our family. He is loving the fenced yard. We are doing fine at keeping the house smelling yummy (I often have people say our house smells good, so I'm trying to keep that reputation, not to mention I personally enjoy yummy smells and dog smell isn't one that I'm a big fan of...I do like skunk, but that's another story). Anyway our house still smells good, but the kitchen floor is pretty gross! We really have to keep up with sweeping and vacuuming everyday. Besides the shedding, Mickey brings in a ton of sand because of our nonexistent back lawn. The five second rule is not really in play at the moment.

Madi has a lowgrade fever this morning. We're dosing her with vitamin D and Silver Shield and we'll see what comes of it. She's supposed to have dress rehearsal today for this weekend's Christmas Cabaret. I'm letting her lay low this morning. She's gone camping with the Brady's and watched Greg and Marcia campaign against each other for student body president.

Can you believe it has taken me three years to finally use blogger's spell check? Let's see if you notice a difference.

Jake is next to me "casting" his show of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolored Dreamcoat.

I'm sure there is a lot more I could say, but I'm not feeling the creativity at the moment so I guess it's time to start cracking the school whip.


ann marie said...

I am on my hands and knees constantly cleaning my kitchen floor. Buster is really messy in there and it grosses me out. I think when he finally goes away for good we are going to take a dog break. But then again, I'm a sucker for dogs, so probably not.

Meme said...

Good Morning..I love your post as usual, but not about the Madi fever part:(

Tiffany said...

I'll pray that Madi gets to feeling better--this is not the time of year to be getting sick! Too much fun to be had.
I'm with you on trying to enjoy the Christmas season and not let it fly by. Curious about the Advent craft--I'm in the mood to do some Christmasy art projects with the kids.

Cindy said...

Hopefully Madi's feeling better by now! I really have to get going on the Christmas decoration-first need to take down the Thanksgiving stuff!

Melissa said...

Love you new Christmas-y look.