Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Homeschooly stuff

This is really for my own interest, but if you want to click on it be my guest. I just found an interesting post about homeschooling high school with living books and it intrigued me. I also found a thread about historical movies and copied down a whole bunch of American History ones on a piece of scap paper that was sitting by the computer and then I realized I could just link to it here.

It is May and in our homeschooling world that means two things. One is thinking about next year's curriculum (and the upcoming convention). There's something about next year's work that just seems so much more exciting than this year's still unfinished work. It helps that next year will involve American History for both Jake and Madi (and World History that will culminate in American History for Jonathan). The other is as busy as life is all year, May seems to be at least ten times more. May is like December, or as I like to call it life on steroids. On that note, break time is over, time to get back at it!

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