Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aye yie yie!

It's been one of those days.

I purchased my first ever deal from Living Social ($60 tile and grout cleaning), only to find out that my zip code is not included in the promotion (and we really really need our grout cleaned!!). I was able to get my credit card credited relatively painlessly, but that totaled about 20 minutes of frustration, time that could've been better spent. (Jonathan says he'll do it for $30 and that sort of makes sense because I imagine he'll do about HALF as well as the professionals would have, I'm a littled concerned his job might be HALF-@$$ed).

The next thing was that we purchased American Idol tickets last month for the show that is next month. I've been watching the mail for the tickets that have not come. Dealing with this included contacting (and waiting on hold with) the credit card company and ticketmaster. In the end I got the tickets emailed to me and a $5 credit on my card, but I spend tons more time and frustration on this.

Then I corrected Jonathan's last Geometry test, which culminated in an A in the class. Technically he has four more extra assignments to do, but his tests and thus his grade are completed. This was perfect timing since their homeschool evaluation is scheduled for tomorrow. Oh except that while we were going over the test the evaluator called to reschedule, so now this won't be finalized until after our impending 10 days away. Will this school year ever end?

Then I removed a tick from Mickey. It's taken 12 years of us living here for ticks to have migrated from Connecticut. They've officially arrived!! Just in time for us to have a dog!

Now I'm itching all over thinking about the tick. I burned it to death and I'm not ashamed to say I enjoyed every minute of it!

All of this since lunch.

While I am happy that I've gotten my money back, and my tickets, and Geometry is essentially done, and Mickey is safe and the tick is dead, I really wish I could get my afternoon back.

Oh and it's 6:00 and we don't yet know if we are meeting out of state friends at their Disney hotel tonight. It's looking like the evening may go a lot like my afternoon did. Good thing we know how to enjoy at Disney hotel pool even if we never end up hearing from our friends.


Cindy said...

Yikes-that is a lot of frustration for one afternoon! Hope you enjoyed your time at a Disney-you guys do know how to enjoy a Disney hotel pool, that's for sure!

Randi Sue said...

I had that kind of day today. I felt like I was rescheduling all day. Going to places that I did not need to go. But, my kids are all safe and happy and well, so it is all good.