Monday, December 19, 2011

Just a quick post

I got on the computer awhile ago to update (for the first time in over a month!!) and between the slowness of the computer and my desire to search two different counties worth of libraries and read blogs and homeschool forum posts from people I know and don't know, now I have exactly 18 minutes to type before I have to drag Jake away from the neighbors and get in the car. Jake and Madi have choir at 6:00. Why is it that I have to be in the car at 4:00 when church is only 15 minutes away?! Because I have to drive to Downtown Disney to pick Madi up from a really cool birthday party at Disney Quest. Am I insane or Mom of the Year? Actually Mom of the Year probably goes to the mother of the host of the Disney Quest Birthday party. That means I'm probably insane. There was no way I was going to have Madi miss this party for a very good theatre friend (who is very much like a younger though taller brother to her) and there is no way she can miss choir tonight since Christmas Eve the mother of all choir nights is only FIVE days away so what's an insane mom to do but accomodate her daughter by spending two hours in the car. Jake and I have a new Andrew Clements book to listen to on the ride. Jonathan is at the party too, but he gets to stay down there for dinner and will get a ride home since he is not in choir. Interestingly enough one of the options for today was for Jake and I to head down there earlier and spend some time at Downtown Disney, but he chose to stay and play with the neighbors instead (and I chose to wrap Christmas presents and fight with this slow and annoying computer). I'm down to 8 minutes now. When I return hopefully in the next day or two I have all kinds of updates. Since I last posted we've celebrated Thanksgiving and our 17th anniversary, we just finished a weekend of six shows (two of Best Christmas Pageant Ever and four of Bugsy Malone), Jonathan has finished a semester of Spanish 2 and should finish English this week, we have booked a cruise for the end of January beginning of Feb, we've had all kinds of nice pictures taken that need to get on here, the kids performed at around 10 different Christmas tour events, and probably a lot more stuff that I can't even think of right now.


bfarmmom said...

Good update. Miss you Julie!!!! Oh and that birthday party sounds so fun. I'm jealous!

Cindy said...

can't wait for you to play catch-up! That sounds like an awesome place to have a bday party!

ann marie said...

I wondered when you would update. I stopped checking after awhile. That's why I'm just seeign this now :)Looking forward to another post.