Thursday, April 19, 2012


Ok something happened to blogspot and I can't find my dashboard! Ten years ago this sentence would've sounded like a madlib. Seriously though how will I know if the people I follow have updated without my dashboard? (Still sounds like a madlib doesn't it?) If I had time I might be able to publish a whole post on words we say today that would've sounded like made up words or madlibs 10 years ago. For example I could blog (made up sounding word) about how Mike got a new blackberry (madlib sounding). Unfortunately I am smackdab in the middle of what is turning out the be one of the busiest weeks of the year, so I will not be blogging about those things right now. I only stopped here because I was looking for my dashboard. The blog post about facebook, smartphones, and other made up sounding compund words will have to wait for another day.


Melissa said...

I had the same trouble today....sigh.... I'm reading you now which proves that I did find my dashboard. From my blog, I click on new post - then click on close, which takes me to a page that lists my posts - then click on My Blogs. sigh... I'm sure there is an easier way. If you find it, please tell me.

Melissa said...

Why do I have to click on My Blogs to find other people's blogs. This seems all wrong to me!!!!!!!!!

ann marie said...

Okay, I read your post and then quickly went to see about my dashboard. What the heck????? I don't like this one bit.