Thursday, June 28, 2012

A great idea whose time might be done

I'm just not motivated to blog anymore. I am home in a quiet house and there is no question I have 1000 things spinning in my brain, but they're just not making their way here. I also have 1000 pictures that I could update this blog with, but that doesn't seem to be happening either. I think at some point I will attempt one of those photobucket slideshows for our California pics (and maybe another one for some kind of year in review) but for now we'll see where stream of consciousness writing gets me... Jonathan, Madi, and Jake had their homeschool evaluations last week. We have had the same evaluator since Jonathan was in kindergarten. She has certainly been able to see progress! They are getting way too old way too quickly! Madi had her yearly well check appointment with our amazing pediatrician on Monday. Dr F is very big on safety, but somehow instead of asking Madi if she could swim and if she wore her helmet when she rode her bike, she was telling her not to date Juniors and Seniors!! Jake just finished two weeks of kids college (actually he's still there now, but today is the last day), he just did half days which means two classes. He had the perennial favorite, Harry Potter, and the other class he chose was World Drumming...that class rocked (literally)!! He loved it, before camp today, they had a little performance and it was really cool. He has good rhythm and musical ability so he was kind of treated like the star of the class which is always heart-warming for a mom. If I ever get caught up, I took some video that may someday show up on here, but in the meantime, you'll be able to find it on facebook in a little while. Jonathan, Madi, and Mike go on their Catholic Heart Workcamp mission trip this weekend to Charlotte, NC. Jonathan was born there! Last year they were in Orlando (Jake was born there, they actually stayed right across the street from where Jake was born). Somehow I doubt they'll end up in Danbury, CT next year, but that is where Madi was born. I have been blogging for almost five years, and I'm sure I've posed this question before, but as a mom how do you know if you are expecting enough (or way too much) from your kids?! Sometimes I think I expect way too much and other times I think they get away with murder. If another mom asked me this question, I'd say that the fact she was questioning it probably meant she was doing just fine, but I'm not so good at listening to myself. So I wonder. And I pray. Speaking of prayer, here's another place where I am going to tout (is that a word?) the benefits of facebook. I have said this before (again), but there are so many people on facebook in need of prayers. Good thing there are so many people in facebook eager to pray huh? Well, I've not added any pictures and everything I've said I've said before, so that just confirms my feeling that this blogging thing might just become something that I used to do...

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