Thursday, July 19, 2012


Here's a good article for discussion. I think because we homeschool it is sometimes assumed that I'm trying to protect my children. In some ways, yes of course I am, but in other ways, not at all. I want them to be self sufficient and independent. This article is timely since we currently have a girl from China (who is younger than Madi) staying with us. I enjoy my kids (and my husband) way too much to be comfortable with them being away from me for long periods of time (like weeks, I'm talking...I'm good with the quiet hours this summer, see how it affords me the opportunity to blog?) I never want to let my enjoyment and discomfort hinder their ability to grow though. Maybe for good measure, I'll call the kids and tell them they need to walk home from theatre!


Melissa said...

LOVED that article! Reminds me of life in NZ.

ann marie said...

Wow! Anthony would be in hog heaven over there!