Friday, August 3, 2012

Last quiet summer morning

Today is the last day of summer camp. Last night was opening night for Into the Woods Jr. It was great! Madi was a beautiful Cinderella (even though she felt like it was a boy wig), and Jake stole the show as Rapunzel's Prince. I have two batches of brownies in the oven for concessions, and a sleeping theatre baby on the floor next to me. I am uploading a few videos of last night, but won't post them until after my parents get to see it in person tomorrow night. Speaking of my parents, today is their 44th anniversary! Last time the kids did Into the Woods, Mike was recovering from pancreatitis, needless to say neither of us have great memories of that show. This one is much better!! Jonathan made a dvd slideshow of pictures from the 4 weeks of summer camp and is selling them at the shows. He's found a way to financially support is incessant volunteering. He is saving up for a laptop (a mac), and will then be able to make and sell cooler things. I think he should have enough money very soon, this will help in so many ways, not the least of which is some of his virtual school classes will be starting next week and I want to be able to get on my own computer once in a while. Sadly for Jonathan he spent his entire life savings when he was 12 (or was it 13?) on a laptop that no longer works. He is counting on this not happening with a mac. Brownies are done, baby's awake, I guess that means time's up!!

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DebiH. said...

He'll be very happy with the Mac. We have one that we still use at home that is about 7 years old.