Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Five Favorites

1. Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch
Buy one get one free at Publix, sale ends today.  I think this is my all time favorite ice cream.  I spent a summer in Vermont when I was 21 and ate Ben and Jerry's every single day.  Those were the "Perspective" days from the last post when I thought I was fat, and I wasn't!  Maybe I should try eating this everyday so I can look like I did then?!  {I'm pretty sure I will be until it's gone from the freezer}

2. Speaking of frozen confections, I am on a serious popsicle kick.  I have eaten more popsicles this summer than I have in my entire life.  As far as treats go, they are pretty low-cal (unlike #1 above).  My current favorite is...
3. Ok that's enough frozen treats, let's change the subject.  Last night Jake and Jonathan had their homeschool evaluations.  We have had the same person do them every year since Jonathan was in kindergarten.  He's going into 12th grade!  That is twelve years in a row that this same friend has come over and discussed schoolwork with my children.  Some years we don't even see her at all except for evaluations.  I like that we are loyal that way.  Our family has gone to the same church, pediatrician, dentist, dermatologist, and orthodontist since we moved here 14 years ago (well I supposed we didn't start with the orthodontist until Jonathan was about 7, so that was only 10 years ago).  When we find something we like, we stick with it.  Madi's evaluation had been done earlier (by another friend...who may or may not read this blog :) ) because I wanted to get a jump on the high school registration (smart move), so we've already changed things up a little bit, but basically we are a loyal family.  Are you wondering where the favorite is here?  They're all favorites... our church, our doctors, our evaluator, my kids, homeschool evaluations done (and already in the mail) all kinds of favorites packed in to #3!
4. Audition day!!  Today Jake and Madi had auditions for Little Mermaid.  Parts should be up tonight.  If not, they will find out at camp tomorrow.  Madi would love to be Ariel and Jake wants Sebastian... we'll see.  Jake doesn't feel like he had a great audition, but he's been sounding good to me.  He hurt his toe the other night (doing a cannon ball into out 4ft pool), so he's not walking terribly comfortably and he feels like that messed up his game.  I didn't hear much from Madi about how she feels she did, she had to go right from theatre camp to work, and will basically go right from work to theatre for another performance of Hairspray.  She doesn't have time to keep checking facebook for parts, that's for sure.
5. Friday is one of my favorite days of the year... dress like a cow and get free food at Chick fil a!
Here are some pics of past years...

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Tiffany said...

I love the old cow pictures! Fun memories! I love getting free lunch but hate the dressing up's so easy though, we just have to do it every year! My all time favorite ice cream was by Publix and was called, "Oh Fudge, Oh Nuts." It was pretty amazing. I think my favorite thing in ice cream is brownie pieces.