Monday, September 23, 2013

Not sure what this will be about

In case you were wondering, I'm still not keeping up.  (and the other half of the floor has not been washed this point the whole thing will need to be washed again anyway!) 

Madi had another freakish allergic reaction a week and a half ago.  Concern over it is consuming me.  She actually went to the allergist today and was tested for food allergies...she has none. 

Jonathan is producing a show at the theatre!  He wanted the theatre to get a moving light (they cost about $1500), the only way  the board of directors would approve the purchase was if he organized a fundraiser show, so he is.  It is this Saturday at 2:00.  Unfortunately tickets are selling vvveeerrrryyy sllloooowwlly, if you are local, please buy tickets!

Jake was asked to be part of safety patrol at school.  Have I said that already?  I know I didn't in this post, I don't know about other ones. 

I'm on this post every week or so routine.  It's not doing much for me or anyone else.  I had thoughts of getting really active in the many link ups that go on each week (five favorites, seven quick takes etc), but have done almost nothing with that.

I've got the new Nicholas Sparks book.  This is the longest he's gone without a new book since I started reading his books (which was essentially when he started writing them).  I'm not very far into it.  I'm sensing a trend here, are you?  I'm not really accomplishing much at the moment. 

I am helping to organize ushers for the theatre.  It is taking a good amount of my time, but I wouldn't say I'm doing a bang up job on that front either.  I am also teaching fifth grade religious education at church.  When I taught a few years ago (also fifth grade) it gave me a lot of blog fodder, so we'll see what this year brings.  Jake is in my class.  Last week I noticed that only Jake and three other kids in the class (of 11) actually go to Mass, so it will be interesting.

I do have homemade bread rising, I guess that's something I'm accomplishing.

Eventually I'm going to hit publish on this post, that will be another.

You know those blogs (or facebook posts) that make everyone feel bad because those people have perfect kids and perfect houses and perfect perfect perfect?  Well around here I think it's opposite day.  I'll tell you all about how much I am not getting done, and you can feel good about yourself for getting something done.

If I really wanted to make you feel good I'd share the hideously fat picture of me that someone shared on fb this weekend.  UGH!  Did it stop me from eating two bowls of Ben and Jerry's coffee heath bar crunch?  What do you think?

Sometimes I think those' woe is me' blogs can be even worse than the 'we are perfect' blogs, so maybe I should quit while I'm ahead.  Or behind (big fat behind!) as the case may be!


Kirsten said...

This makes me laugh. I am the same way over here. Life is crazy and I can't seem to focus on one thing. Sometimes I wonder if I have ADD or if it is just that I'm getting old. Love you! Miss You!!
Speaking of old age I can't read your word verification!!!
I'm going to have to refresh.

Melissa said...

Loved my life too...the house has become so disgusting, I'm actually having to clean it myself...the kids have even less time than I do.