Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pray pray pray!!

The wireless connection on my laptop wasn't working for about two weeks.  After a little while of being annoyed by that I basically let my computer sit for a few days.  Eventually (actually when Madi needed something off of my computer for her virtual school), Jonathan and Madi figured out that I could connect to the internet the old fashioned way...with a cord.  The cord and router are in the messiest room in the house, Jake's makeshift room in the loft.  This is really not Jake's fault, it is just circumstance that comes with having an extra person live in your house.  Yes, we have an exchange student remember?  Don't worry, sometimes we forget too.  Her solo trip to Boston was successful, and she came home with delicious chocolates for me, Mike, Madi, and Jake, and a stuffed animal for Jonathan.  Anyway, I've basically done all my computing on my phone for the last few weeks, but today after really needing the real computer, I decided to unhook the unsightly blue cord, flip the wireless switch on my laptop a few times, and voila...I'm back in business.  Interestingly I am still typing this in the messy room.  Sometimes I have trouble with transitions.

I'm not really here to blog this kind of small talk though.  Actually we are in desperate need of prayers.  My brother Rob, 40 years old, has stage IV melanoma.  It is a horrific disease, but as Rob has said, there is reason to be hopeful.  Still it is going to be a long hard road.  Tomorrow morning he'll actually have brain surgery.  Besides the disease being in his bones and lymph nodes, he has some tiny lesions on his brain.  The surgery is apparently low risk as far as brain surgery goes and after one night in ICU, he should be able to go home on Thursday.  My understanding is once they take care of these brain lesions, they can start the next form of treatment which is not actually chemo or radiation, but an immune booster called PD1.  More news to come.  In the meantime please keep Rob, his wife Kim, their sons Zack and John, my parents, the doctors, and everyone involved in your prayers.


ann marie said...

You know I'm praying all the time - for all of you!! He's at the top of the prayer list. I've been hoping you would post something because I didn't want to text asking for an update. I did remember you saying he foes on Wed for brain surgery. I'm glad he is hopeful. That is huge!

Melissa said...

Praying, Julie! Much love to you!!

Too funny that Jonathan received a stuffed animal.

Hurray for kids who can figure out how to make computers work.

Sonya Caskey said...

Praying for peace & healing for your family & Rob. It is not an easy time, to be sure. Watch for "Gods hands" as you walk along the pathway - He is there with you.