Sunday, January 13, 2008

6 quirky things about me

OK apparently I've been tagged by Hillside Hollow and have to write 6 quirky things about me...

1. I almost had three front teeth...I fell when I was about 6 and had to have xrays at the dentist, they found that I had an extra front tooth. I had to spend the night in a hospital in a faw away town all by myself, the nurses at the local hospital were on strike.

2.I don't check pockets when I do laundry and I don't really sort it either, also I never iron!

3.I love to decorate for holidays (we decorated for Valentine's Day today)

4. I like to be in bed at 10:00 to watch King of Queens.

5. I get a smell like bandaids in my nose when I take Tylenol.

6. I think I've read "Are You There God it's Me Margaret" by Judy Blume at least once every year since I was ten.

1 comment:

Randi said...

I don't sort laundry that often.