Friday, January 11, 2008

Madi's week

Madi has had a difficult few days. On Wednesday night they were making gingerbread houses at AWANA. Apparently she had fun, but by the time I got there her house had caved in. On the way home we were dropping off two of her friends and on our way she realized she didn't have her AWANA book and bag. After I asked, she also realized she didn't pay the teacher the money she owed for the now smooshed gingerbread house. We were able to finally get back into the church to find the lost items (and pay), but it was a stressful night (mostly because her mother wasn't nearly as patient as she should be!). Then today running into the park, Madi bumped into a friend and fell HARD on the pavement. She scraped her arm in three places and skinned her knee even with jeans on. She wasn't in a very cheerful mood after that. Tonight when we picked her up at Theatre (they had auditions to day for Schoolhouse Rock) she was crying because her MP3 player's screen was cracked. She doesn't know how it happened. Thankfully the music still plays, but it was disappointing anyway. Say a little prayer for Madi, it is hard to be nine!

Here's a picture of her (before falling) with the Turkish Delight we made yesterday. Incidently, did you know "Turks" have been making Turkish Delight for over 500 years?


Clunn Family said...

Poor baby. Tough days are hard for them aren't they? No wonder I've been thinking of you...the kids and I were just talking about turkish delight and whether it was as good as Narnia makes it sound. I am afraid we have built it up to a practical Nirvana. We did some research on it some time ago since we are evidently somewhat intrigued by it and found out there are many kinds! day maybe we can try a piece of yours!

Julie said...

I personally didn't think the Turkish Delight was that good...kind of like tough jello, I expected it to be more like taffy.

Tiffany said...

She has had a tough week. I hope her weekend has been better.