Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Memere would've been 90 years old today. I miss her.

Jake and I found some great things on the computer this morning. He is all about planning his Star Wars birthday party because it is just over 2 months away after all! He's making all kinds of lists. I googled birthday party games and found some good ideas...I'm not going to give anything away here because some of your kids just might be coming to this shindig, but he's pretty excited about it. It was going to be a baseball party originally, but baseball is out Star Wars is in.

Also, in this week's FIAR book Lentil by Robert McCloskey, they play and sing She'll be Comin' Round the Mountain, and I was able to find 2 different versions of that song on you tube, now we'll both be singing it all day. Next I searched Lentil on you tube, but could only find people making lentil soup, etc, so I tried Robert McCloskey and found a great little video of the story. I made sure to point out to Jake how lucky he is to be homeschooled like this:)! We're working on no screen time during schooltime (not for me, just for him), so right now he's taking a screenless break, but later he'll be watching a ton more books on you tube...very cool!!

This weekend Mike has a convention in Orlando and we'll spend Saturday and Sunday night hanging out at a hotel...mostly in the pool.

Next week is the last week of Theatre camp which includes a "caberet" performance on Wednesday night, The Somewhat True Tales of Robin Hood on Thursday night, and Thoroughly Modern Millie Fri, Sat, and Sun.

Next Sunday after the last show, we are heading to a cabin on a lake in Georgia for a few days. Meme and Grampa Carlie will be joining us.

When we get back...schooltime ALL THE WAY!! I'm thinking through a schedule and chore lists that may or may not ever get written down, but hopefully we'll find a good flow. I often think it might be nice to have a real system like we always eat tacos on Tuesday etc...but we just aren't that kind of people. We're fairly good at accomplishing things anyway so I'm not really sure why I spend so much time trying to improve everything.

Better get off the computer and start cracking the whip (Jake is sitting at his desk behind me taking the lead out of a mechanical pencil, he has his math in front of him as well as a Mr Potato-head who has a hand where his nose should be and shoes coming our of his arm holes, he has four eyes...I think I need four eyes!!).


DebiH. said...

I just saw on the county library website that one of the libraries in the county is having a big Star Wars day this month. I think it is a Saturday and you may be out of town but check the website. I think they may be having characters there.

Randi Sue said...

Levi's birthday is in exactly one month. He doesn't really get that excited about birthday parties, but we are trying to figure out what to get him for his birthday.

Julie said...

Debi, I saw that on the website too...we are planning to attend. It is the 15th.

cdgantz said...

Thanks for the info on the Star Wars day! We will definitely be there! Maybe we can go together!

As far as Tacos on Tuesday--let me know how that goes. If you become super-ingrained in the routine, I might have to call you "Rain Man." And if you say that you are having fishsticks on Tuesday and have to watch Jeopardy, then I'll have you committed! :)

See you next week! We plan to go to some of the shows.

Emily said...

I remember doing Lentil with Junebug. I don't remember why exactly, but we made lemon popcorn (very good), carved (whittled a bar of soap), and tried to whistle after eating crackers. Have you checked the FIAR message boards? I got a lot of ideas from there (more than the book). Have fun!

Smith Schoolhouse said...

I know what you mean about trying to fix something that works! I am always having that same thought- Meatloaf Monday, Taco Tuesday, etc. but it has never happened around here. I think I might do a "school lunch" menu like I did a few years ago just for fun- the kids liked it. good to get caught up with you.

Tiffany said...

I could be living in your head right now as far as fixing what's not broken--I love the idea of order and consistency but seem to be completely unable to accomplish it. The Pattersons have a lot of that--eat at 6 every night, pizza every Saturday, pasta on Sunday, etc. I love the routine of it.