Thursday, August 27, 2009

Where were you...

I just found this on a blog, and I had to stop everything that I was doing to play along (this is right up my alley)...I hope you will play too!

…when 911 happened? Talking to OBM on the phone planning to pick up "Scott" to take him and Jonathan and Madi to Publix for a Mom's Club field trip...she was home with 4 day old TJ.

….when Kennedy was shot? Not born yet.

….when Elvis died? Watching the Brady Bunch in our house on Main St in Voluntown (it was the episode where Greg was going to have a record contract because he fit the suit).

….when Princess Diana died? We had gone on Aunt Lucy and Uncle Ray's boat that day, we were in our apartment in Danbury, Mike's grandmother was staying with us.

….when OJ Simpson verdict came down? In the hospital with 1 day old Jonathan.

….when Michael Jackson died? Having a bonfire in Mike's sister's front was the first big news even that I learned about through facebook.

….when John Lennon died? I didn't find out until the next morning, I'm pretty sure I was laying on my mother's bed when she told me.

….when Waco Branch Davidian cult complex burned down? No in Charlotte maybe...when was that?

….when Challenger space shuttle blew up? In Spanish Class sophomore year in high school...Cindy was there too!

….when JFK Jr.s plane went down? Living on Stratford Lane.

Where were you?!


Shawnie said...

Hey...that was cool!

ann marie said...

That was fun to read, although I guess since everything included people dying I shouldn't call it fun, but you know what I mean.

Leisa said...

You have a good memory!! I can answer 911 and MJ but the others ???