Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A few quick takes

...or this could be called "just trying to keep my head above water".

1. I've had intentions of getting on here for days and it just never seems to work out. We got a new/used computer given to us, and the second computer in the loft means that I have even less time to get on the computer than before because the kids are back on the Webkins bandwagon and during any downtime, at least two of them are on Webkins on both computers! We are going camping in a few hours and I know at least one member of my family is wondering why I'm on here and not preparing stuff, but I saw and empty computer and I grabbed it!

2. I am loving American Idol this season! I know almost everyone I know has stopped watching it, but I think this top 9 is collectively the best top nine I've seen (this is our 4th season watching). I am loving everyone of them and would LOVE to go see them on tour! Casey is definitely my favorite! He is to Bob Seger what Arnel Pineda is to Steve Perry!

3. The UCONN women won!! They have won 78 straight games equalling 2 perfect seasons! Apparently the first half last night was anything but perfect, but it all worked out in the end.

4. I only got to see the end of last night's game because last night was also my last Faith Study. I love these women (I mean the Faith Study women, but I do like the UCONN women as well!) and I'm going to miss getting together with them every Tuesday night. As if I didn't already have the best friends I have even more! (and here's a little nod to the two of you that are in both groups of friends:)!

5. Because of the game being on at the same time as American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, I just got to hear who went home last night on Dancing With the Stars (we couldn't record it). I think it was the right choice (Buzz Aldrin). Yesterday at the orthodontist Jonathan and Madi and I read an article about Mike Collins. Do you know who he is? He was the pilot of the Apollo 11 mission. My kids often talk about feeling bad for him because while he was still in the ship, Buzz and Neil Armstrong were walking on the moon. They didn't understand if they'd drawn straws or whay and why did he have to stay on board? it turns out he was the driver that's why! Madi still thinks they could've picked on more person (out of the thousands of applicants) to go with them too and keep him company orbitting the earth while the other two were collecting moon dust etc. Back to Dancing...I am ready for Kate to go home too, but I feel bad for her (I think). Actually I'm not sure if I feel bad for her or not, but it's like she's someone I "used to know".

6. So you see we do have very varied interests, sports, singing and dancing competitions...

7. We joined a gym yesterday! We've not been members of a gym for far too long! It turns out you have to be 12 to use the equipment, so Madi just made it!! AND...Jonathan will be getting high school credit for this!

8. Jonathan and Madi took their first standardized tests yesterday. I posted it on facebook and got very few comments. It seemed to me that it was something that might warrent a comment. Other days I say "it's raining" and dozens of people comment. You just never can tell with facebook!

9. Easter was great! I was a sponsor for someone entering the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil. It was an amazing thing to be a part of!

10. Madi's birthday was great, and the "Madi post" will come eventually! I am reading a book that I love this woman's blog is here. I really like her! Here's a funny thing though. This woman has 5 boys and is due any day with her 6th baby. In one part of the book she talks about letting her three oldest kids have friends over on the same day for 2 hours. This is presented as a pretty big deal. I only have 3 kids, but having 8 kids in my house at one time, is not a novelty in the least. Even having 30! This is just another example of how our life is different from the norm, and therefore hard to describe to people. Last week I met a friend from high school at the beach. She was with her husband and son. I was with my three kids and two more. She was asking about Madi's birthday, and I gave the standard reply, "I never counted how many people we invited." My mother, who had also met us at the beach, said that at one point my father counted and came up with 60 kids. The truth is we still didn't invite everybody!!

I have much more to say, but I don't think I can milk this computer thing any longer. We'll be out in nature for a few days, left with only Mike's blackberry for internet contact, so this post will have to be it for a few more days!


Cindy said...

Okay you had to know I'd ask...who was the friend from high school? I'm thinking maybe Sabrina because I know she was just down there.

Julie said...

Yes it was Sabrina.