Monday, April 26, 2010

Quick Takes

1. I'm still feeling way behind on everything! Today turned out to be an unexpected day at home and instead of catching up on schoolwork, I decided we should tear apart the loft and rearrange it. I'm in the mode of having less stuff and I generally want things done the minute I think of them. Now I'm sneezing from all of the dust, but it is a much needed job (almost) done! In the process, Jonathan and Madi filed a plethora of schoolwork so that should count for something!

2. Jake has been working on Alice in Wonderland all day. In the real play he is a card and a lobster, but he's working on "his" play (the one he will direct). He is casting himself as Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum (maybe both), the white rabbit, the caterpillar and I think a few more people. He's read through the entire script at least twice (so again...that should count for SOMETHING!)

3. In addition to always working on his own plays, Jake has grand plans for soccer in our backyard. He had a few friends over to play the other day, and now he's really charged up to form his own soccer league. He's got some friends' names in a hat and he's practicing picking names out to see who will be on what team. He wrote all the names and cut out the slips of paper himself (again...something!)

4. Mike is out of town again this week. I really hate that! When he comes home on Thursday evening he'll be on the same flight as his mother. She is coming down for Jonathan's Confirmation which is Saturday night! He's really growing up now!!

5. Am I the only one who can't stand the stop sign that is in the Target parking lot when you're coming from Chick fil a? I don't understand it, it is after the street and I'm never sure where I'm supposed to stop. This has been bothering me for years and yet I've never mentioned it, nor have I ever heard anyone else talk about it.

6. Last night was our last CCD class. Once again my own daughter was the only one to give me a gift. She made me a beaded hairclip when I thought she was cleaning her room. Many of you will remember my whiney post about no presents at Christmas. Seriously, I didn't teach the class for recognition or for presents, but I always give teachers cards and gifts at Christmas and the end of the year and I thought that was a pretty common procedure.

7. Yesterday was the first day that I didn't go to the gym in over two weeks. A couple of days I went twice. Jonathan is really into it, often getting up at 5:30 to go with Mike, a lot of days he goes twice and once went three times in one day! I am definitely hungrier since starting to workout regularly. I'm not really thinking I'll lose weight quickly (or at all). My flab is pretty light and I'm planning on turning some of it into muscle which is heavier. I am looking forward to my pants being more comfortable.

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ann marie said...

I love - one of the best blogs out there.
We got a lot done on out unexpected day of school as well.
As far as the no gift thing - we are human, we like being appreciated. Just remember, if you made a mark on one soul, that is truly all that matters and God will be thanking you when it really matters!

cdgantz said...

That stop sign bothers me too! I've always assumed it is because the pedestrian crosswalk is right there, so there has to be a stop sign. It is very odd!

And I appreciate you! If I was your student, I would give you a Chili's gift card, a nice homemade card, some homemade apple butter and a puzzle. :)

Steph said...

Love Jake creating a soccer league. So cute!