Friday, May 21, 2010

7 quick takes

1. The kids had their homeschool evaluations on Wednesday, so Jonathan is now a high schooler. It is starting to feel a little bit more like summer mode around here (temps in the 90s, the windows closed and A/C on will do that). "School" is not really done yet, but the pace is just a little slower. Jonathan will most likely be doing science and math right right up to the time that his on-line classes start in July, so on the one hand he won't get much of a summer break. On the other hand it's because his whole life is filled with fun and "breaks". Sunday morning between Church and the play he took a science test...what kind of a mother does that make me?! I'll tell you what kind...the kind that let all three kids spend 23 hours with friends for a cast party that went from the end of the play Sunday well into Monday. Oh yeah, then Jonathan slept at another friend's house on Tuesday night so they could play golf on Wed. In the younger days, we would count cast party and golf as school, now we just have to fit the actual classes in around these things.

2. Madi has her third appointment with the new acupunture doctor today. We are loving her. She does this body typing thing, that sounds pretty foreign to me (because it is!), but I trust her. Madi has an herbal tea to drink twice a day, and when we went back last week, the doctor said she could already notice a difference. Apparently Madi's spirit and personality is on a different level (a higher one) than her body type. I'm not sure what this means (again foreign), but the doctor thinks it is because of Theatre. Meaning something like she maybe doesn't have thyroid symptoms even though her blood work is off because Theatre is theraputic for her.

3. The homeschool convention is next week. Usually the convention is second only to Christmas on the favorite days of the year list. This year I've hardly thought about it. Too much on my mind.

4. Mike is stressed beyond belief at work right now. That is most of the "too much on my mind". Two days at a luxury resort for the convention should help a lot with this.

5. No one can ever accuse us weird homeschoolers as being too far out of the mainstream. This morning Jake was playing Harry Potter Clue with two of his Webkinz, Zack and Cody! (NOTE: Clue is not as easy to play with stuffed animals as Sorry or Trouble)

6. Today instead of a green smoothie we had strawberry milk shakes (frozen local strawberries, strawberry yogurt, and milk). My latest favorite "green" smoothie is spinach, celery (mostly the leafy part), blueberries, apples, and grape juice. I love the celery taste in this, it tastes so fresh! It really comes out purple, not green.

7. Jake is back on a Rataouille kick (among many other thing) and is wanting to make soup right now. We'll see how that goes.

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Melissa said...

I love Quick Takes! Thanks!

DebiH. said...

I hope things settle with Mike's work. I know that is stressful. Thanks for the update!

This Heavenly Life said...

Oh, work stresses for the husband have a way of throwing everything off! We're having that issue right now, too, so I hope you get some relaxation and de-stressing soon!

Tiffany said...

That is so interesting that theatre might be what balances Madi out. I don't get eastern medicine but it seems to work.
I will be praying for Mike and his work.