Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Facebook status style

This is the card I gave Jonathan on Sunday.

18 years ago today Mike and I got engaged. I had pink eye.

I closed the kitchen window last night and am happy to report we don't have dead blind mosquitoes all over the stove...I guess we figured out how they're getting in.

If you don't know what blind mosquitoes are, you don't live in the same town I live in.

Madi had soccer practice last night and Jake and I played on the strangest playground ever. It is actually really cool, and very futuristic. Everything is sort of tilted so it spins on its own. I felt like I was on another planet or something.

Come see my kids in Cinderella next weekend! Their parts are Friday the 14th at 7 and Sunday the 16th at 2.

Come get your car washed this Saturday at Sonic between 9 and 12 to support my kids in all their theatre endeavors!!

Jonathan's last behind the wheel driving class is this Saturday (he won't be at the car wash). Yes five weeks have gone by LIKETHAT! Actually sixteen years have!

I've got a lot of blog posts in my head, but for now that's where they'll stay.


Cindy said...

I'm glad I don't know what blind mosquitos are-especially if they're anything like the lovebugs "met" last year!!!

Love the card! I can't believe he's 16!

ann marie said...

I think I know the playground you are talking about. Kate has practice there occassionally.Every singel time I come to leave a comment I forget what else I was going to say.

Tiffany said...

I love the card!
How sweet of Mike to still want to marry you even with an oozy eye.
Move to Mt. Dora--no blind mosquitoes here.
I'm curious about that playground. You'll have to explain where it is so I can go check it out. Is it in the "hood?"
I'll be there to see your kids in Cinderella, I can't wait!
I'll bring my car to get washed if it's out of the shop by Saturday. I'll even help you wash it.
Can't believe Jonathan's class is already over! Didn't he just start?
I wanna hear the blog posts.

Terri said...

Is the playground at the place where Madi plays soccer?

I finally got around to getting tix for Sunday! Can't wait!