Monday, February 27, 2012

Things I wonder...

...why I go in and out of blogging kicks, sometimes I have so much to say. Sometimes I have not much to say. And sometimes, like now, I have so much to say, but not the time, energy, eloquence, or patience to say it.

...when kids use the word "prolly" on facebook, do they know that the word is really "probably"?

...why do people use an apostrophe when they are refering to a family, the correct way to say it is "praying for the Browns" Not "praying for the Brown's" (unless you are praying for the Brown's cow or something) I see very smart people do this all the time.

...why do I keep reaching for the mouse even though it is unhooked?

...why don't I just hook up the mouse? (I just did)

...why did my husband have to go out of town on his birthday? did I get to be 42 years old already?!

...why does time have to go by so fast?

...why am I even posting this because it isn't really even a post.

...why does it seem like the priest is talking right to you at church and do the other 1000 people feel the same way?

...why have I been working on this #2 Sodoku for 2 days and can't seem to be getting anywhere.

...why am I also in the middle of three different books (this is not counting schoolbooks) and can't seems to be getting anywhere.

...why can't my house clean itself?

...why am I wasting time when it already goes so fast?


Melissa said...

Loved this!

I can answer the question about how your priest can speak directly to you and others at the same time. It's through the work of the Holy Spirit, who is our teacher. Neato!

ann marie said...

Yes, I feel like that with the priest - today, yesterday, all last week, it just never ends. I almost feel like God is trying to get me to be a better person or something! And after hearing that great homily today I had a wonderful chance to put what he said into practice. Very tough! I like you wonder post. It was fun to read.

Cindy said...

love this, Jul!
I wonder many of the same I got to be 42, about blogging, etc.....