Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Every hour Wednesday

I'm pretty good about copying fun ideas, so I'm following Tiffany's lead and posting a picture from every hour of my day.

Today is Mickey's third birthday. Jake and I decided to put a candle in his food bowl and take a picture even before I decided to take pictures of every hour of our day. (this was just before 8:00) In case you were wondering, we didn't light the candle. Besides Mickey's birthday, today is also the 71st Anniversary of my grandparents' (Mugga and Papa) wedding. I wish I could take a picture of them!

At just before 9:00 I was returning from picking Madi up from her class and delivering a homemade loaf of bread to a friend who has five little kids, and we found this on our house.
(somehow after starting out sunny the day turned rainy really quickly and it was an absolute downpour when I went to get Madi)

Speaking of homemade bread and little kids, this little guy helped me make the bread yesterday. He purposely chose not to smile for the picture.

10:00 found me reading to all three kids, we ended up finishing this book today and it is very exciting, though you can't tell that from their lazy positions.

At 11:00 I was trying to order checks (yes we are old fashioned, we still use checks), but they were way too expensive so I ended the phone call with frustration and no checks in the mail, not to mention a trip to the bank on my to do list. I was also returning some texts at the same time.

Mike is going to be away tonight and Jonathan and Madi both have places to be so we had a bigger lunch and we'll have a more lunch-y supper, so 12:00 found me making burgers and reading a really funny story that Madi and a partner had to write for their English class. It was about Freakish Julio Fillipe, his desire to be independent and leave the circus, and his sister Julia who had a third arm coming out of her back. In the end Julio and Julia are united in their love of bacon cheeseburgers and leave the circus ("circus shmircus," they say) to work at Burger King.
It is just a happy coincidence that the story is about burgers and we were having burgers.

At 1:00 I was reviewinng History with Jonathan then he took a quiz.

By 2:00 I was in my room uploading some of this draft so I can just publish the rest tonight.

3:00 I was helping Madi with science.
These kids do an awful lot of reclining don't you think?

At 4:00 I was reclining with this little snuggly guy.

At 5:00 we had to pick of a friend of Madi's from the middle school so we loaded these cuties into the car.

By 6:00 I realized I could get a free photo book from shutterfly, so I frantically started uploading photos.

Around this time, I yelled for the kids to eat something (see what I mean about a lunch-y supper?), then stage manager Jonathan got picked up for his rehearsal, I had to take Madi to her high school religion class, which meant Jake and the two little visitors too. Jake and Landon played on the playground while I fed Dawson, then we met their Mommy so they could go home. Then there was nothing for me and Jake to do but... ...have some ice cream!! It was actually my dinner, and it was just after 7:00.

Then it was time to go pick Madi up, I chatted with my newly moved back to town friend, Pam, her kids came out, Madi came out, we headed home and it was 8:00.

Well my day started before the Mickey picture and it's not completely over yet, but there it is!


Tiffany said...

Yay! Glad you did this...I'm thinking I may do it once a week but a different day each week, maybe until I cover all 5 days. I love getting free photo books. There was a groupon thing for a $10 8x8 book and a $15 8x11 book. I bought both of the deals. I have 8 more months to catch up on. The fat baby picture of Dawson was so funny, the one where you're holding him. I love those boys!
Loved Prisoner of Cell 25 but you already know that. I also love your bread...hint, hint...

Melissa said...

Love these "every hour" posts....would like to do one...will I....won't I....

ann marie said...

I like the every hour posts.

Cute baby!!!

Cindy said...

Love this and am going to try to do one this weekend I think! Love the candle in the food dish!