Thursday, August 22, 2013

{Insert clever title here}

We're 50/50 on the great public school experiment of 2013.  If I were writing this on day two, I'd be saying Jake is LOVING it!  Since it is now actually day four, I'll go with Jake is liking it.  It's a good little school, and I'm thinking it will be a good year for him. 

Madi is back to homeschooling.  She and I are very happy with this decision.  There are so many reasons for this, I don't even know where to start.  Since I couldn't even come up with a title, I'm pretty sure I don't have the mental energy to do this post justice, so I'll let the picture of day 1 do the talking.  Anyone who knows Madi can tell from this picture that this droopy shouldered girl is not Madi.  She's back to homeschooling (or will be when her virtual school classes kick in) and the sparkle is back in her eye.  It was only gone for 48 hours, but that was the longest 48 hours we've lived in a long time!
She did get a nice backpack out of the whole thing.
Jonathan is currently dual enrolled in three college classes and so far so good.
Mary has been a sweet and quiet addition to our family, tonight she had "pride night" at her school and came home with this...
Excuse all the mess in the background, I am a homeschooling mom after all.  I expect I'll have a clean house in about 8 years, until then I'm going to enjoy what I've got!!


Melissa said...

Glad you got your sparkly-eyed girl back!!

ann marie said...

Is she watching mtv and eating popcorn? I did tell you that the lovely lady at MDHS told us that's pretty much what she thinks homeschool kids do, right? One of these days I have to sit down and blog again. I have some stuff to write out that will be forgotten if I don't put it down. I'm glad everyone has settled into the new school year.