Monday, November 11, 2013

Jake and stuff

I guess since Jake is finally having a birthday party tonight, almost a month after his birthday, the timing is probably right to put up a little birthday post for my 11 year old! 

This picture is Jake's head shot for the Christmas Story program.  He will be playing Schwartz in A Christmas Story when it opens in a few days.  Schwartz is the kid who tells the other kid (Flick) to lick the pole.  Since I need to kill three birds with one stone, this is actually Jake's "school picture" turned black and white via instagram, and his 11 year old picture.

Jake is really thriving in school.  We really are homeschoolers at heart, and he will definitely be home again next year, but I'm really happy that he is going to that sweet school this year.  They put on a really touching Veteran's Day program on Friday that Madi and I went to.  Jake and his classed 'signed' God Bless the USA and sang the Armed Forces Medley. 
 Now it's the next day.  I had planned to write more, but that's not happening, so I'll leave you with a few more pics...

and remember when...

Leaving the sideways one, it's an illustration of my lack of time and energy.

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Tiffany said...

I've missed your posts...even though I see you all the time. Happy birthday to Jake again...I can't believe he's 11 and that my baby will be 11 soon too!