Friday, September 5, 2014

7 QTs that should deserve their own post

Years ago I posted one specific week in July that felt full enough to be a Christmas letter (I've used the blog as a Christmas letter analogy many times).  These days we've found ways to cheat on a Christmas letter by writing a short poem and finding picture cards that have a little space for a short short write up.  I guess I do a lot of cheating in the blogging division as well.  Sometimes living life is so full it's hard to take time out to chronicle it.  Anyway one week in the summer years ago it felt like we had a whole Christmas letter's worth of material, first mission trip for the kids, first exchange students, new car for Mike and probably more that I am forgetting, I'm sure there was a show thrown in there somehow.  Well this week could likely be considered one of those weeks as well.  for starters..

1. Mike got a job!!  Technically he got offered two jobs this week after a very slow summer in the job availability department. 

2. We have gone to Disney's Night of Joy for the last 6 years.  We had all intentions of going this year as well, and Mike's brother from Connecticut was even going to be joining us with his new girlfriend.  They bought their tickets weeks ago.  We did not.  Between no job etc, we knew at least some of us would go but hadn't gotten around to buying tickets.  Plus Jonathan works there so there was the whole should he pick up shifts for that night?  Does he get in free?  etc...etc... anyway... he picked up support shifts which means he should be working near one of the tomorrowland stages and maybe meet some!  We didn't attempt to buy our tickets until the 2 job offers were on the table and guess what...sold out!!!  EEnyway... we have connections (and a funny coffee story for you, Ann Marie!) and we got tickets at least for tonight.  In the meantime here's a little stroll down memory lane...
NOJ 2008
NOJ 2009
NOJ 2011
3. Why do I always blog when it's almost time to get Jake to band?  Time to speed things up a bit.
4. Rob has been doing so much better on his new treatment, but this week has been really rough, he's had a fever and had to go off the treatment for a few days.  Prayers are always appreciated.
5. We had two awesome weeks of school and then this week happened.  The first job offer (the one he is not taking) brought me and Mike to Atlanta on Monday-Tuesday which meant less school happened without mom.  Then Wednesday Jake and Madi joined other homeschooled youth from our parish for some food pantry work...better than school, but still leaves school undone.
Thursday was I don't even know what and today Madi and her coworkers took their boss out to lunch.  We won't fall behind, we won't fall behind...say it with me.
6. I have big plans of at least documenting some of our homeschool year on here, but time is running low so that won't be today.
7. "Grandma" (Mike's mother) moved down here last month (she bought a house down here two years ago), her house is getting all kinds of fixed up (tile, paint...), but we are on day 36 of her sleeping at our house... 'nuff said.


ann marie said...

Stop teasing me!!!! Coffee soon. I'm still praying for Rob and sorry to hear he had a rough week. YAY on Mike getting a job. That's awesome.

Kirsten said...

YAY on Mike's job!! I am also praying for Rob. I hope he feels at least a little better soon. Frequent Memorares for him. Day 36...praying for grace and patience. Think of me on your coffee date!

oneblessedmamma said...

Yay for Mike's job. Seriously day 36? Oy! I say YOU GUYS go sleep there, LOL. Praying for Rob.

Tiffany said...

Super happy about the jobs and one of your things on Thursday was book club with Jake and Joe. :0)
We have never been to Night of Joy, maybe next year. According to Joel, it's sad to hear but apparently workers hate Night of Joy more than any other special event because the people are horrible and messy. Pretty sad. I know you guys don't add to that though.

Julie said...

Part of what makes me a lame blogger is that I never respond to comments (that and I hardly have comments), but...
Ann Marie, Yes's a good story! Kirsten, we'll think of'd appreciate the story too! Amy, Mike actually just said yesterday maybe we should sleep at Grandma's house! Tiffany, Jonathan is loving working night of joy...making $57 vs spending $57, the big groups of youth groups are generally a little rowdy, but the music makes up for it. Jonathan is actually working right at a stage tonight. Thank you all for the prayers!!