Friday, November 14, 2014

Thursday on Friday

For the second night in a row I closed down a coffee shop.  (both times I was drinking tea)  Now it's Friday morning and I'm not sure I'll remember all the things that were Thursday, so I'll just try to hit the highlights.  I made pumpkin chocolate chip scones for breakfast.  Jake had borrowed the steel drums so even though he didn't have band in the morning, we had to be there bright and early to return them.  Jake and I made the first trip and some of Jake's friends came out to help him with the second round.  Then I waited a pretty long time because Jake sorta forgot he was a homeschooler and did the middle school hang out in the court yard thing.  He's really got the best of both worlds that kid!  Apparently he and his buddies were discussing changes to Sesame Street (no more Big Bird because kids are afraid of him?  no more Burt and Ernie because people thought they were gay?), I'm not sure any of this is true, but it makes for riveting middle school conversation.  By the time we got home Madi had already left for her art class and Jonathan and Mike were already in Orlando (separately) (Jonathan had brought a broken light from the theatre to the lighting place and Mike had a meeting.)  Jake did some (I use that term loosely) school, I tutored, then for lunch we headed to chick fil a for our mother-son bookclub.  (ie Julie, Tiffany, Jake, and Joe eating chicken, fries, and milkshakes discussing Doll Bones, a pretty creepy book.)  Tiffany took a picture, but it's not appeared on her blog or instagram yet, so it won't be here either.  Madi met us there after her class and had lunch with Hannah.  Then it was back home for a little while, Jake to band, a quick stop at the library (where I saw a friend and we were asked to be quiet), and then I got a pedicure as part of operation prep for cruise.  Then it was home again for another quick stop, made myself a grilled cheese, ate it in the car, and picked up Jake from band/extra steel drum band.  Jake and I then headed to church where he had choir and I have a group thing.  The room we usually use for said group thing was occupied because there was going to be a symphony concert last night at the church, so we found something else.  I got to use my newly minted key to one of the church buildings, I guess I can effectively say we spend a lot of time there, since we actually now have our own key.  The keys to the kingdom so to speak.  Anyway that ended and it was off to another night in a coffee shop with friends.  Solving the world's problems takes a lot of time in a coffee shop and a fair amount of tea.  When the place was closing and we were sent away, we spent about 45 more minutes talking on the sidewalk.   Jonathan was not working last night, but had gotten hooked up by Amanda (theatre director by day and Tinkerbell who flies from the castle by night) to spend the evening shadowing the tech crew of the fireworks display.  I stayed out late talking because I knew I was going to be up late waiting for Jonathan anyway.  He actually got home before I did, and he was so excited about his night he talk talk talked about it for a long time.  Then finally it was bed and a little Big Bang Theory.

Twenty nine years ago on November 13th my closest friend at the time took her own life.  I think it's not an exaggeration to say I've thought about her every day for 29 years.  I didn't say this out loud to anyone all day yesterday, but I felt like it wasn't right to not memorialize it in some way so there's that.

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Tiffany said...

You are quite the party animal! :0) I'm sorry about your friend too...I remember you telling me about her.