Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday on Tuesday

Well this one should be a little easier because now I'm going to write about Tuesday and it is still Tuesday.  This morning I also got up around 7ish (maybe closer to 7:30).  I had hot chocolate/coffee and attempted to race Mike in a #1 (easy) Sudoku.  In my attempt to actually beat him (never happens) I messed up and scrapped the whole thing.  I ate a piece of sourdough toast, and got Jake started on his math.  I know it's Veteran's Day but we have all kinds of "days off" around here, so some school was going to get done.  Did History with Madi (we're in the 1850s right now and were reading about abolitionists).  From 10-12 I tutored (still in my jammies) while intermittently yelling at Jake to get something done.  Jonathan (whose college classes were canceled for Veteran's Day) was talking to him too much.  While my "tutee" (as in the girl I tutor) was working on math I quickly slapped some paint on a little shelf that we garbage picked this summer.  It is going in our front yard with some plants etc on it.  I did my lesson plan for my 9th grade religious ed class.  I like the curriculum we are using, but it is planning heavy and not the kind of class that it read aloud and answer questions.  Jake got some map work and some spelling done.  Madi went to the gym and did some Algebra 2.  Jonathan joined the college honor society that he was invited into.  Mike worked from upstairs (interestingly enough also still in his jammies...ssshhh).  I showered, ate lunch, and debated whether to go shopping for shoes that Jake needs (Kohls coupons) and some food (Aldi coupon) (there are 5 Aldis around here, but all of them about 30 minutes away).  Opted to go to the farther Kohl's because it was near an Aldi where the coupon would definitely work (might not have worked at the slightly closer one).  Madi decided she'd like to come too.  This trip would bring us near Plato's Closet and she had some clothes to sell to them.  Drove to far Kohl's (Madi read Chemistry on the way) (Jake may have done some Language Arts).  Found exactly the shoes Jake needs for his band concert (that we will miss...cruise) and his Christmas Tour performances (that we will see), even on sale the shoes were NOT CHEAP.  Walked to the checkout area only to find every other person in the greater Orlando area to be in line in front of us.  Apparently Kohl's wasn't expecting that extra coupons plus a federal holiday would mean more people should have been scheduled to work!  A nice manager (Janice) told a group of us in the back of the ridiculous line that we'd get an extra 10% off.  $5 off plus $10 off plus 20% off plus 10% more off made the cost of the shoes almost reasonable.  Time was getting away from us as Madi needed to be at choir at 4 and Jake to theatre at 4:30, but we made an executive decision to drop Madi at Plato's closet while Jake and I would run into Walmart to exchange a too small shirt that he got for his birthday.  A Walmart fan I am not, but somehow I find it easier to go into other Walmarts than I do my local one.  Well sadly even though we had the shirt with the tag that says Walmart, the customer service lady informed us they did not sell that shirt at that Walmart and therefore we could not exchange it (or just get credit).  No shirt for you, Jake!  We will now look for a Christmas angel tree with a 10ish year old boy who needs a new shirt.  While we were striking out at Walmart, Madi was striking out at Plato's Closet.  It was going to take them at least 45 minutes to get to her clothes.  45 minutes we did not have.  On to Aldi.  We were successful with our coupon from there and stocked up on staples (ketchup and tortilla chips) and got food for church Thanksgiving baskets.  No time to get all the way home and for Madi to get to choir, so I had to drive Madi right to choir, come home and throw the groceries in the house, have Jake pick up his script, and get him to theatre (with not a minute to spare).  Decided to stop and get my eyebrows waxed (may have actually let them do my upper lip too, but I'll never tell).  Then tried to go to the library (fail...duh...federal holiday).  Back to the church to pick up Madi.  (also tried to get the mail...again...duh!!)  Visited with Mike for a few minutes while he, Madi and I ate leftovers.  Talked to my father for Veteran's Day.  Sat down to look at blogs.  Mike left for a meeting at the theatre.  Made a couple phone calls and texts trying to make sure Jonathan was going to be bringing Jake home from the theatre.  Found the links about the week in the life posts and spent the last hour blogging about yesterday and today.  Mike will be at the theatre for about 2 more hours, but all kids are home safe and sound and I'm going to read, possibly watch TV (still not caught up on DWTS and there's a new Duggar episode on tonight), and I will be going to bed early.  During all of this I've had hundreds of conversations with Mike and the kids, they have involved theatre, church, Disney, and a myriad of other topics.  At one pint this morning Jonathan said something to Jake and I answered him from two rooms away.  Jonathan said, "mom, you have ears like a hawk," and Jake replied, "no Jonathan, you just have a mouth like a howler monkey."

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