Saturday, November 8, 2008

My teenager

I was just sitting on Jonathan's bed "tucking him in" and he says, "Where's the toy hall of fame?" "Why do you ask, where did you hear about that?" I ask him, intrigued because Tiffany just posted about it on her blog. "I heard about it on the radio, just like Miss Tiffany," he says. "Do you read everyone's blog?" I ask. "Well, I saw Miss Tiffany's picture of Wyatt with a stick, so I wanted to read and see what it was all about". Now he'll be making plans to get us to take him to the toy hall of fame...thanks Tiffany!!

On another note, Jonathan's latest interest is this website where you can track where your money has been. Did I mention the thing that most interested him at the resort in St Petersburg two weeks ago was the fact that one of the elevators could hold 2000lbs and the other could hold 2500 lbs?!


Steph said...

Hi Jules!

Just stopping by...I don't get out much anymore!

I got a Where's George dollar once! We were so excited and when we went there we could see where it came from but in order to keep tracking it it cost money so we didn't do it. What a neat idea though!!!!

As usual your blog looks great and homeschooling looks like it is going well for you!!

ann marie said...

I'm going to have to check out that site. He sounds like a sweet kid.

Tiffany said...

That's funny that he has read my blog. He really is a sweet kid--not too teenagery.

cdgantz said...

The National Toy Hall of Fame is in Rochester, NY. The Gantz family (especially Caryn) want to go with you when you go!

You have a great kid!