Sunday, January 11, 2009


FOR TODAY Sunday night (again) January 11th.

Outside my's dark and cloudy, Mike and I just got back from a walk.

I am thinking...I'm pretty much into the routine of doing the daybook on Sunday nights now.

I am thankful for...Mike.

From the learning rooms...we had a pretty good back to school week last week. Jonathan and Madi got a lot of math done and read for at least an hour most days. We read more about the Oregon Trail and also Katherine Lee Bates and how she came about writing America the Beautiful. Jake is moving right along and really reading well.

From the kitchen...we are hoping to clean out the garage freezer so we can defrost it when we go to our timeshare in two weeks, we're only going to buy things that help us use up the food we already have.

I am wearing...fairly nice clothes surprisingly, pants that I got 1/2 off at Cracker Barrel and a Chicos shirt, they are both greenish

We are creating...a big planted area in the back corner of our yard. Mike made a make-shift tiller and it really worked to dig up the dirt and weeds pretty well. I have pictures, but am too lazy to get them on here right now.

I am Disney in the morning.

I am reading...Beyond Tuesday Morning by Karen Kingsbury, By What Authority--An Evangelical Discovers Catholic Tradition by Mark P Shea, and we are still listening to Despereaux on CD, we took a long break.

I am sleep good tonight.

I am hearing...Jake telling me to read to him because he finally got his jammies on.

Around the is "lived in", but not a complete wreck.

One of my favorite things...buying used books.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Disney tomorrow, Tuesday is full with babysitting (2 different kids), PE, Park, Theatre, Wednesday home day lots of school work, AWANA and youth group at night (date for me and Mike), Thursday and Friday Mike will be out of town:(!

Here is a picture story I am sharing...


oneblessedmamma said...

WOW, that's from a long time ago...6 years to be specific :-). Mike's lost weight,and I've grown hair, LOL.

DebiH. said...

and Madi looks SO little :)

ann marie said...

LOVE the picture! Seriously, that was not me being sarcastic. Maddy looks so cute with you there. How neat.

Smith Schoolhouse said...

look at Madi the little doula!

Smith Schoolhouse said...

and Amy, I do like your hair long- don't cut it!

Elizabeth said...

I love buying old books, too.

Paula said...

Interesting picture