Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This and that

There have been a few blog posts from people lately with 6 or 7 different tid bits of information and I have at least that much swimming in my head right now, so we'll see where this leads...

Madi just made this picture for AWANA to represent Jesus as the Good Shepherd...I love it!

We were happy to watch American Idol last night. I liked the girl who started adopt a "grandfriend", I did not like the girl in the bikini!! I actually dreamed that I was wearing a bikini last was a nightmare!

The poor little boy next door comes to the door everyday when he gets home from school, and says "Can I play with Jakey?" in the same exact way everytime. So often Jake is at Theatre, but even if I open the door saying "sorry, he's not here Josh", he always finishes his whole sentence the same "Can I play with Jakey?"...sometimes Jake is actually here and answers the door...he still says it..."Can I play with Jakey?" He has the sweetest little voice. This leads me to...I feel like my kids get invited to people's houses so much more than we invite because we always seem to have something going on and never seem to be sitting around saying, there's nothing to do so you can invite a friend over. On the flip-side we probably invite whole families to our house more than we get invited so I guess it works out.

At our Catholic book club last week the kids made little "Baby Jesuses" in wooden "mangers" and everytime they sacrifice something for one of their siblings they are supposed to write it on a slip of paper (hay) and put it in the manger to make a soft bed for's been almost a week and we have three little Jesuses with NO HAY!!! I think I need to challenge them or something ("YOU BETTER SACRIFICE SOMETHING FOR ONE OF YOUR SIBLINGS...HOW DO YOU THINK JESUS FEELS ABOUT THE WAY YOU'RE ACTING??!!!!!"--you know light a fire under them!)

We had a really fun day at Disney with the "oneblessedmamma" family. We were gone from our house for about 14 hours, and didn't even eat supper until 9:30pm. Jake was already asleep, but he'd eaten his weight in goldfish all day, so I wasn't too worried. Jake and Madi both went on Space Mountain for the first time (and then went on two more times).

This weekend we had a lot of fun plowing the yard with the tiller that Mike created. We are planning to have a big planted area in the back part of our yard...some vegetables (we already have tomatoes, broccoli, and strawberries (I know it's a fruit...well technically so are tomatoes--whatever!), some flowers, some trees, some mulch and benches etc...we're doing all this beacuse the grass is dead anyway. The funny thing is we had tomatoes last year and when we worked on the one planted area in the front we used some of our composted dirt as well as some dirt right out of the raised bed garden, and we ended up having three tomato plants grow in our front yard...we transplanted them an voila! I think we have pumpkins growing in our compost right now. Our strawberry plants are from last year...I think we got about 5 strawberries last year, we'll see how it goes this year. We might be getting a hard freeze later this week, so we'll be covering it all up...I'm sure it'll be the night Mike is out of town.

Jake signed up for Little League on Saturday. I have mixed emotions about it, for one thing I don't have very fond memories of when Jonathan played Little League--he had some pretty mean coaches and it wasn't really his "thing" and I had a preschooler and a baby sitting with me at the hot dusty field (Mike traveled a lot for work then too). On the other hand baseball may be one of Jake's "things" (he's got a lot of "things") and it is in a different league and he is my youngest so I don't have to worry about what my other kids will be doing (they can do school work--haha!)


cindy said...

great pictures-I don't think I realized how big your yard is! Looks like you had a great time at Disney, like you would have anything else! (if that makes sense!)

Smith Schoolhouse said...

good to get caught up with you. Does OBM have passes this year? I am jealous of you card holders- did I ever tell you that? Even more so now.

ann marie said...

okay, i was laughing about the bikini thing...I don't know why they showed that was strange, i guess they showed it for ratings, but still
and I am so glad to hear about the sacrificing because I was thinking about this last night as I was staring into an empty basket! It was such a cute craft and idea and I have to follow through with this one.

bfarmmom said...

We watched American Idol last night also. I did not watch the bikini thing because I let the kids watch. I know, I am a bad mom for letting my kids watch AI to begin with. Oh well. Our creche's are full of sacrifices, full I tell you...just kidding. We are also working on it. Always. That is part of being a family :0)

Julie said...

My kids watch it too, they even saw the bikini part (well, Jake was asleep).

ann marie said...

I also meant to say, I hear you on the LL situation. After trying to convince Anthony not to do it for spring he just wouldn't listen. It looks like this one may stick. It's not so bad though. We did meet one really nice couple from his team and their son and Anthony get along great so I figure that's a good thing. He had a laid back coach last time so I hope he gets the same one.