Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Daybook from the iPod


I just wrote a lot and lost it. I'm glad I'm really enjoying my iPod because I'm getting a lot of practice as I attempt to post this.

Today is Tuesday January 5th.

I am laying (lying?) in bed in a hotel in NJ.

Mike just went down to breakfast.

The kids are still sleeping.

Today is a hotel/schoolwork day.

The hand that I am holding the iPod with is falling asleep.

We are only halfway through this trip.

I am soo ready to be home!!

I hate the cold!!

I know it is cold there too and all our plants are dying!

I've been taking pictures with my new phone because supposedly the quality is better than our camera, but so far I haven't been able to get them onto a computer. I might try on Jonathan's computer later today.

I'd love to get the pictures on here while we're still on the road because once we get home we've got a ton of cleaning up of Christmas etc to do.

That sounds like we're almost home, but it is still a week and a half away...ugh!

We've done a lot on this trip anyway including Williamsburg, NYC, New Year's day at Mike's father's, Christmas with my brother and family, Christmas with Mike's mother, and more.

Jake is awake. He bought a DS yesterday with Christmas money and gift cards.

Tomorrow we head to Vermont for a more vacationy part of this trip...although it is hard for me to consider any part of below freezing temperatures vacationy.

I do love Vermont though and we haven't been there since Madi was a baby.

The weekend is the baptism for our God daughter Julia in NH. Then we head south... Mike has a trade show in DC...THEN we can finally head HOME!!!

I love home!!


Tiffany said...

Traveling in the winter is just hard! You can't comfortably get out of the car and you have to pack so much. Especially if you celebrate Christmas--then you have gifts to take and gifts to bring home...makes for a lot of stuff. I have always wanted to go to Vermont, what are you guys going to do there?
I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip, you'll be home soon!

Randi Sue said...

Enjoying the updates. Thanks!

ann marie said...

Ilovermont! Hey, I had to be cheesey. I just talked to my friend yesterday and she lives in Burlington and said they had gotten a lot of snow, so it will be pretty. I feel for you though. The cold is just horrible and not relaxing. I hope the rest of the trip goes well. Safe travels.

Julie said...

I almost wrote I lovermont...I had a shirt that said that when I was a kid.

Cindy said...

Glad you guys are having a good trip. We definitely want to get to Williamsburg! Have a safe trip!

Anonymous said...

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Julie said...

Just commenting so I can log in. This hand-held devices can be complicated.