Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thoughts on bra colors

There seems to be a lot of talk and some debate over the recent facebook trend of women posting their bra color in support of breast cancer awarenes. I admit I debated whether or not to do it, as it does seem like it is divulging too much unnecessary info. On the other hand I sometimes think that sometimes in trying to avoid certain things, people sexualize it more. For example the more people go out of their way to avoid breastfeeding in front of other people the more it looks like they think they are doing something wrong or inappropriate. It is true that my male facebook friends didn't need to hear that I was wearing a white bra the other day, for that matter my female friends didn't need to either, but if one person in all of facebook world decided to do a self-exam or finally made the mammogram appointment that they've been putting off then I think it is worth it. The most recent facebook info I've seen says that the Susan G Koman foundation says the bra thing did a lot to spread awareness...that sounds good to me. Sometimes people are so private about their privates that they ignore signs that could be dangerous. Sometimes they need to be talked about. If you didn't take the time after the bra color situation to do that exam or make that appointment why don't you do it now. Maybe this will remind you to go get that mole checked out, maybe it's just time for a physical. You only get one shot in this world...let's worry less about who might be picturing you in your bra and more about taking care of the body we have...and even more about your spiritual health, but that's a story for another time. For the record I think that the women who posted "black lace with a pink silk bow" did cross the line. But if they saved a friend's life then I'll overlook it.


Debbie said...

I loved this post!!!! and I agree..and am one who needs the push to take the time to care for my body..!

Tiffany said...

Well said...I had made the comment that I didn't see how posting the color of your bra would do much for breast cancer but I see what you mean--it definitely brings attention to breast cancer which would lead some women to then make the doctor's appointment or at least do a self exam.
BTW--I am impressed with how much and how well you type on the ipod!

cdgantz said...

The bra one pales in comparison to the one that I got the next day about commenting on how you were wearing your hair. I chose not to participate in that one for the sole reason of what it implies. That one, I believe, did cross the line. (And only on your blog, my good friend, would I even post this!)

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