Sunday, January 10, 2010

Today from the blackberry

Mike is playing my his latest addiction "lemonade stand" on my ipod. We are in New Hampshire and today is the baptism...the event that started this whole trip. Sort of like if you give a mouse a cookie...if you ask us to be the Godparents, Mike will turn it into a business trip and we'll be on the road in the freezing cold for 3 weeks beginning the day after Christmas. Yesterday we went to the Anheuser Bush factory and had a free tour (and even a few samples)...on Thursday we took the Ben and Jerry's factory tour (and of course had samples there too!!). We are definitely making the most of this trip and especially have enjoyed all of the people we've gotten to spend time with, but please don't ask me how my vacation is a business trip with some good things thrown in (and some school)...definitely not a vacation. Tonight we head to Cambridge, MA for a morning meeting for Mike then on to DC. I am trying not to use any apostrophes here because when I do that on the blackberry it comes out with that $#*39 thing for some reason. Now Jonathan and Jake are fighting over the ipod...again lemonade stand. I haven't play it, but my family loves it. I have had a stiff neck and shoulder since Monday. It is weird that it hasn't gone away because we keep sleeping in different beds with different pillows so even though I think I initially slept wrong, I cannot possibly be sleeping the same wrong over and over...I mean it started 3 states ago. Gotta go downstairs...I smell breakfast...OK I guess in some ways it is like a vacation.


Cindy said...

I'm glad you updated! Hope your neck and shoulder feel better!

Melissa said...

Great to hear from you! Not too long now and you'll be home sweet home.

Tiffany said...

I want to know more about lemonade stand. I want more games for my ipod and I looked up lemonade stand and there were three options. One for kids I think. Do you know which one you have?