Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Stuff Christmas Letters are Made of

I originally started blogging almost 4 years ago as a kind of continuous Christmas letter. It was becoming the "thing to do" and it was a good way to document the goings on in the family; the good the bad and the ugly. For about three years I literally "thought in blog". Everything was fodder for a blog post. Now blogging, mine and everyone else's, is not always a top priority. We are, however, knee deep in the middle of some exciting (and a few not so exciting) things that are all "Christmas letter worthy", just in the last few days!

*Jake got his first lead role! He is "Ugly" in the summer camp production of HONK! (a musical version of The Ugly Duckling) He got the part yesterday and opening night is in two weeks. Today on the way to Theatre he told us the "one bad thing about having a lead", "since you have lines on almost every page, you are much more likely to get a paper cut!"

*Our family size will increase temporarily today when we pick up two foreign exchange students who will be with us for 2 1/2 weeks, a 15 year old girl from France and a 16 year old girl from Spain. This will be an intersting opportunity for us.

*Mike had a wake up call regarding his bloodsugar, and yesterday at his doctor's appointment his A1C told us just how important it is to watch what he eats. He is back on the right track thankfully!

*Jonathan and Madi's mission trip. It was two weeks ago, but they are still reveling in it. They had "the best time ever"! On Sunday after Mass there will be a reception for the kids who went on the trip to share some information and pictures with the rest of the parish and those who made the trip possible. Madi will be speaking at it.

*We went to the American Idol 2011 Top 11 concert on Sunday. It rocked!!

*We got a new car on Saturday.

*Got the results today that two spot (one was a mole and the other a weird growth) that I had removed from my arm last week are A OK.

I now have approximately 15 minutes of quiet left in my day (and during that time I have to shower), then I have to get the kids at Theatre, take them to a meeting at church, pick up books at the library, swing by Walmart, get Jonathan back to the Theatre, pick up "our girls", and go out to dinner at Chili's where we are having a Theatre fundraiser.


bfarmmom said...

Wow! You guys have been busy! Yay Jake! Madi looks so grown up. Congrats on the new car. Glad you and Mike are healthy. Have fun with the exchange students. How cool is that?!

Cindy said...

so much exciting stuff going on! congrats to Jake on his first lead!