Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Five Favorites

In the spirit of blogging more, I'm jumping right in with another post joining Hallie and friends for my first ever Five Favorites. The rule seems to be just go ahead and list five of your favorite ANYTHING... people, food, books, TV shows, insects, whatever.  All can be in the same category or all completely different, anything goes.  It reminds me of the game we often like to play, Whoonu, where you have to randomly rank how much you like mayonnaise, cotton candy, fishing, big cities, and squirrels for example. Let's make that #1 shall we?
This is a fun family game.  Until we went to CT in April we hadn't seen my brother and his family in three years.  Within minutes of arriving at their house, my nephews pulled out this game because we had played it when we were together three years ago.

My current late night waiting for the kids to get home from theatre DVR-ed comedy of choice.  I'm watching it right now.
#3.Texting!  I have no idea how parents of driving teenagers functioned before texting.  I can breathe easier every time I get that happy face emoji that tells me Jonathan has arrived safely.  Obviously there is no texting (or talking) WHILE driving, it is strictly for after the safe arrival.
#4. St Christopher patron saint of travelers.  Along with DVR-ed TV, and happy face emojis, St Christopher is working overtime for me these days using his pull with God to keep my travelers safe.
#5. Theatre.  I love how much all of my kids love theatre.  It has made them who they are, and who they are is pretty cool.  I have to admit though, if ever I were to list five of my least favorites, it might have to be tech week.  It is seven minutes before midnight and 2/3 of my children are still not home.  My #3 favorite, texting, has enabled me to know that rehearsal has ended, but it is still unclear if the kids can come right home or if they need to bring other kids home first.  I would have loved to end this with my all time favorite...when everyone is safe and sound in the nest, but I'm closing up for the night with kids still out in the world.

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