Tuesday, June 25, 2013


There are a lot of new to me blogs that have been keeping me entertained lately.  This is the crown jewel of toddler antics blogs, but there are lots of good ones.  These ladies are 20something years old, which is roughly half my age and their oldest kids are less that 1/3 the age of my youngest kid.  Still I find myself checking in on them almost every day.  Is that weird?  Sometimes I wonder if I'm prematurely turning grandmotherly, other times I think it was just yesterday that my kids were little too.  Yesterday at Mass, Jonathan and Madi were both ushering and as they were walking up the aisle side by side I was reminded of  the days when they were each other's favorite (and often only) playmate.  Mike and I often reminisce about the time when we were flying and Jonathan ordered for the two of them, "one sprite two cups."
That was then.
This is now.
Now it's even a different day than it was when I started this.  I'm not even sure if I have a point.  I think what I was trying to say is, I've had thoughts of getting back into blogging, kind of along the 'toddler antics' genre, but with my own kids.  There's a problem with that though, teenagers (and even the 10 year old:) ) can read!  That makes this idea a little more challenging.  It's fairly easy  to poke fun at a small child that poops on the floor or spreads sugar all over the kitchen, it's another thing entirely to air the dirty laundry of a teenage girl who flings her own dirty laundry all over her bedroom floor.  If  I can find a way to share some of the joys and humor involved in being a mom who must stay awake until all hours of the night when the driving teenager has been at the theatre for tech week and then has to bring the girlfriend home or the balance that is parenting a 15 year old girl who has taken on an overwhelming amount of responsibility this summer including a summer camp job, two major productions at the theatre, and still has classes to finish in time to enroll full time in public school in the fall, then I'll be back.  If I can't find a way to do that while keeping the kids' dignity intact, then I won't be here very much.  You'll just have to catch me at Starbucks since I'm a little freer to share our life outside of the printed screen.

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