Friday, May 30, 2014

7 quick takes about things that I might someday blog about

1. I've been blogging for almost 7 years and it's probably a stretch to say I have about 7 followers.  With Jonathan's homeschool high school graduation this past Sunday, I've been told by a couple people that I should share some of the wisdom that I have gained through this endeavor.  Mike in particular told me that I needed to write.  My response that I've been writing for a long time to an almost nonexistent audience didn't seem to deter him.  So ideally there will someday be a whole blog post about this seriously overwhelming event, and maybe even some words of wisdom. 

2. Jake's public school experience is coming to an end (at least for a while).  It has been a good year.  The culmination of his reading of the 15 sunshine state books is this afternoon when he gets to go bowling.  He's been waiting all year for this, the kid gets to go to Disney on a regular basis, but this reward of bowling during school hours for reading these books has been a huge dangling carrot for him all year.  Anyone who read at least 10 of the 15 books also had a special party on Wednesday where they got special lunch and played a trivia game, answering questions from the books.  Jake's team won, and of course he assured me, without his teammates he still would have won.
3. Jake will homeschool next year, but he will also tryout the public middle school band.  We will visit the band room and meet the director next week and Jake is signed up for bandcamp the first week after school gets out.  Maybe he'll follow in this guy's footsteps.
(the one in the sheet)
4. Speaking of that guy, could this girl be anymore beautiful?
5. A huge tent is currently being set up in our back yard for graduation celebration part dos.
6. Jonathan was awarded a scholarship from the women's guild at our church.  This is a big honor, and we couldn't be more grateful, but twice I've gotten phone calls from women about this and they are pretty confused.  One of them was certain Jonathan's essay was about wanting to be a railroad engineer (umm no!), and today someone called to find out how to send the money to Lake Sumter, it is looking like that is where he will continue next year before finishing his degree at UCF, but all his paperwork says UCF so there is some mixing of applications going on over there.  I'm fairly certain Jonathan is indeed the rightful recipient of this, and a generous parishioner has matched the amount for another deserving senior, but I will breathe easier when the money is officially in the correct account.
7. out of time...  Visit Jen for more qts and be sure to scroll down to see a pic of my dear friend Kirsten reading Jen's awesome book to her cows.


ann marie said...

I honestly think people should write no matter how many people are reading. The truth is, years from now the people who you really want to see what you had to say will be your kids and their kids. Get it down. I wish my Nana had. Conversations are sometimes hard to remember but things in print ( or on the computer :) are priceless. I saw Jonathon got the scholarship and I was like oh, well obviously. It was a total no brainer. But I'm happy for the other young man as well. Both great kids.

Kirsten said...

I agree you need to write about your experience. You did it!! You homeschooled a kid ALL THE WAY through. There are a lot of mommy's blogging about homeschooling and how to do it and they are only homeschooling young kids. You have the wisdom and experience, you're the voice that needs to be heard.
YEAH!!! for Jonathon!! Have a fun party!

Tiffany said...

Yes, blog, blog, blog about homeschooling a high schooler!! In fact, I bet if you somehow put that in your title or description you would get google to lead people to your blog. I've searched the internets for blogs dedicated to homeschooling high school and they are HARD to find! You have good stuff to say. In other news, I'm glad you explained which of those men were Mike because I wasn't sure and No, madi couldn't be more beautiful.