Tuesday, June 3, 2014


So as I have mentioned Jake will homeschool next year, but will join the band at the middle school.  Yesterday afternoon there was an open house in the band room to match up kids with instruments etc.  It was from 4:30-6:30.  The plan was Mike would call me when he was close and we'd meet at the school.  I had somewhere else to be at 5:30 anyway, so I was hoping for the earlier side.  Of course by the time Mike was five minutes away, I still had some running around to do inside the house to get ready and then try to find Jake.  I had driven the neighborhood crew home from school and heard some mention of a dirt pile, but also Josh from next door had said something to Jake about wiffleball.  So when I was ready to leave, I listened for Jake in the neighbor's backyard...no wiffleball sounds.  I knocked on the door...no answer.  I call Madi who is babysitting down the street at the house with said dirt pile...also no answer.  I finally start driving toward that house with the intention of picking Jake up and heading right to the school, where Mike had now been sitting in the parking lot for 15 minutes.  Madi was walking back home, so I motioned for her to go back and get Jake.  I didn't have the wherewithal to snap a picture when Jake came walking toward me, but these were the shorts he was wearing...
Needless to say it was another 15 minutes before we were able to meet Mike in the band room.
Jake is going to play the trombone.

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ann marie said...

hahaha! That's awesome. I'm glad you posted because I am bored out of my mind. I mean yes, I could go start dinner but it's only 3:45 and if I started now I would be done by 4:45 and then what would I do at 5 when I am normally yelling at people about getting out of the kitchen or dinner will never be ready. See how bored I am?